Slow cookers are remarkable kitchen appliancesfor the busy home cook. The collection it and forget it method is a lifesaver because that busyhouseholds, yet some recipes will certainly ask the you “finish off” the recipe in theoven, which turns a one-pot recipe right into a dishwashing ordeal.

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So, are sluggish cooker key ovenproof? It relies on the product that your slow cooker is made the end of. Thin-walled aluminum slow cooker dishes will certainly be destroyed if supplied in an oven, specifically over 350 degrees. Ceramic sluggish cooker dishes can be supplied in ovens safely.

In this article, we will certainly answer every yourquestions around how to usage a slow-moving cooker food in your cooktop from security tomethods!

Why would You want to put ASlow Cooker dish In The Oven?

There are several factors you might want totry using your sluggish cooker food in the oven. Several of the positives of making use of aslow cooker dish in the oven include:

When a recipe calls because that finishing turn off a roast in the oven, making use of the slow cooker dish will save you time at the sink after dinner.These dishes are the largest dishes because that baking in mine kitchen; castle can also handle making lump of bread!Slow cooker bowl are straightforward to use and usually easy to clean!They insulate your food and cook with some push as the cooktop heats up.The slow-moving heating and insulated walls develop heat in a unique way that helps foodstuffs to release and produce antioxidant-rich minerals.When cooking with the enclosed and insulated environment of the slow-moving cooker dish, food just tastes better. Meat and vegetables offer up your juices only to let whatever else soak it in favor a greasy tasty jacuzzi.Slow cooker bowl can dual as a offer dish for a company in a pinch. Ar the dish down on the table through a warm guard and also put that in a offer utensil. If your slow cooker stop working, friend can complete off the meal in the oven, or even repurpose that slow-moving cooker dish even after you change the slow-moving cooker.

Slow Cooker Dishes have the right to be offered in Ovens

Now the you know why you can want to use aslow cooker in the oven, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. No all slow cookerdishes deserve to be offered in the oven. Here are some usual materials supplied to makeslow cooker dishes and whether or no they can go in the oven:

Aluminum: many manufacturer’s the aluminum sluggish cooker dishes recommend no usingthe insert in the ovenStainless steel: slow cookers v stainless stole inserts are less common, yet if youfind one, you will likely have the ability to use the in her oven.

You should constantly check with your slowcooker’s manual to be sure it deserve to withstand temperatures in the oven.

Tips for utilizing Your slow Cooker dish in the Oven


Although sluggish cooker dishes are ovenproof,they deserve to be cracked or damaged if not provided properly. As soon as using your slow-moving cookerdish in the oven, you need to follow these simple guidelines to protect against damagingyour dish:

Don’t usage your sluggish cooker food to keep food in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures can weaken the ceramic.Don’t warm up cold ceramic; heater cold stone materials have the right to be dangerous as they may fracture or also explode once the heat change is as well much.Do not usage the slow-moving cooker lid in the oven because most have actually rubber or plastic partsCheck your slow-moving cooker dish occasionally to prevent burning come the edge

Is a slow Cooker DishLid Ovenproof?

The glass optimal of many slow cooker dishes has some sort of rubber or plastic piece close to the vent hole, and also as a handle, so you definitely wouldn’t desire to ar those plastic or rubber piece in the cooktop at high temperatures, also if the food itself deserve to handle it.

I personally don’t even like birthday candle wax melted to my cake, so industrial plastic would be a actual nightmare in mine souffle!

Instead, shot using part aluminum foil together amakeshift spanning for the lid of your slow cooker dish. Sheathe the top of thedish and place the on the rack in the stove so the the food still it s okay thebenefit of gift insulated as it cooks. Insulated baking have the right to be crucial for afew reasons:

It keeps your food tender and also juicy by letting the moisture continue to be in the dish.It creates a vacuum seal the can aid to chef food fasterIt keeps warm in much better that likewise aids in thoroughly cooking your food.

Can You use a sluggish Cooker food on a oven Top?

If you’re looking to give your roast a niceseer before setting it to cook in your slow-moving cooker, climate you’re probablywondering if you can just placed your slow cooker dish best on her burner.

Just prefer with utilizing your sluggish cooker food inthe oven, it depends on the product of the dish and the brand friend purchased.Some sluggish cooker dishes are made v the busy residence chef in mind and can handlebeing placed over a burner, and some cannot.

Most ceramic slow-moving cooker dishes must not be placed on the stovetop, yet some high-quality aluminum sluggish cooker dishes deserve to be. Be certain to check with your owner’s manual.

Can you Use slow-moving Cooker liners in the Oven

Slow cooker liners room a plastic lining thatyou put into the slow cooker prior to you include ingredients. They make clean increase abreeze, especially for recipes that often tend to stick.

Unfortunately, you have to not use one of theliners once you plan to placed your dish in the cooktop at any suggest in the cookingprocess. They room not to plan for cooktop use and could it is in unsafe and also ruin yourmeal.

The ideal Slow Cooker food for cooktop Use

If she looking to buy a brand-new slow cooker and you want the dish to it is in the many versatile possible, us recommend the Breville Stainless-Steel 7-Qt. Sluggish Cooker with EasySear Insert.

You have the right to use the insert top top this high-quality slow cooker both in your oven and also on your stovetop, do it straightforward to seer meat or brown vegetables before cooking and browning up that cheese ~ above the height of her macaroni and cheese in the stove after.

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The last Verdict

There are many reasons to usage a slow cooker for an ext than simply slow cooking a enjoy the meal with tiny fuss while you room at work. Sluggish cooker dishes have the right to be supplied in ovens if they space made the ceramic or clay and are no damaged.

It can adjust the means that friend cook because a sluggish cooker food is unique insulated, allowing for much more moisture and also a kind of pressure offered to cook your food come perfection.