Toms is a for-profit company that specializes in shoes. Based in California, the brand supplies a range of formats for men, women, and also children. Aside from footwear, they additionally sell apparel, eyewear, and also handbags.

More about the Company

Toms was founded by Blake Mycoskie and also Alejo Nitti in 2006. Allegedly, the former had come up through the idea after ~ volunteering to deliver shoes to children. Wanting to provide complimentary shoes to those in emerging countries, he eventually put together the company. Prior to long, he developed his own type of canvas slip-on shoe, which showed to it is in a fight in north America.

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What renders the firm unique is the they have actually a “one for one” concept model. Because that every pair it is purchased, they will donate a complimentary pair to a child in need. The countries associated include southern Africa, Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

More around Tom shoes

The brand sell various varieties of shoes including sandals, flats, boots, dress shoes, and also sneakers. However, they are maybe the best known for your canvas slip-ons. Not only are they comfortable, yet they’re fair-priced as well. To give you a far better idea, friend can gain a pair for a tiny over $50. You’ll be able to get lock for even cheaper if you find them on sale!

Taking care of her Tom Shoes

As with all footwear, their shoes will acquire dirty, especially if worn top top a continual basis. Because that instance, dirt or mud might accumulate ~ above the sides. As you have the right to imagine, that would certainly be particularly noticeable if the fabric is light-colored. Remember, yes the concern of sweat too. End time, it will collect on the insoles, which have the right to lead come an unpleasant odor! Stinky shoes, anyone?


Don’t want your pair of shoes to look icky? climate be sure to clean them every once in a while. But wait—what’s the best means to to wash Tom shoes? have the right to you throw them in the washing machine? Or carry out you have to wash lock by hand? What kind of soap should you use? these are few of the inquiries that we’ll it is in addressing in this post!

Washing Instructions for Toms pair of shoes (Alpargatas)

Have your shoes seen much better days? If so, it could be time to give them a an excellent cleaning. Don’t worry, it’s no as challenging as the sounds—if anything, the washing profess is quite simple! follow along and also your slip-ons will certainly look cleaner in no time!

Are Tom Shoes device Washable?

Yes, your canvas slip-ons are device washable! In various other words, you have the right to clean them with the press of a few buttons. Come start, you’ll want to place the pair of shoes in a mesh wash bag. Why? the will prevent them from being tossed approximately during the wash cycle. For the best results, to wash them independently (aka execute not wash them through your clothes). However, you might want to put in a couple of towels—that will help to “balance” the load, so to speak.


Pro-tip: It could be a great idea come spot clean her shoes first, prior to putting castle in the washer if they’re excessively dirty. To execute this, mix a bit of cold water with some mild dish soap. Dip an old toothbrush into the solution and use it to scrub the end the stain ~ above the fabric. Usage gentle, circular motions; stop rubbing the area as that can reason the stain to spread.

Once you’ve closed the to wash bag, ar it right into the machine. Next, you desire to collection the settings. Ideally, you desire to to wash the shoes v cold water ~ above a gentle or delicate cycle. Carry out not use warm water unless you want your shoes to shrink! On height of that, the warmth can reason them come warp!

The next thing the you desire to do is to include detergent. Assuming that you have actually a pair of their classic alpargatas, a little bit the mild detergent (Active Detergent works great) will certainly do. It’s necessary that you include it to the bottom of the machine—that way, it’ll conveniently be blended with the water. Carry out not add any bleach; those varieties of products will affect the dye it is on the shoes. Once you’ve added the detergent, fill the washing machine 3/4 full.

From there, you want to operation the cycle—let the washer occupational its magic. Once it’s finished, take the end your Tom shoes. Permit them to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Never place them in the dryer together that harsh temperature can cause the canvas cloth to shrink and also rip.

Hand Washing your Toms Shoes

Consider cleaning your Tom pair of shoes by hand if friend don’t desire to put them in the washer. That easy—the an initial thing that you want to perform is to dust lock off. The score is come remove any kind of dirt or debris from the fabric; you can do this by making use of a soft, bristled brush. Start at the heel and also gradually relocate up towards the toes area.


Next, you want to prepare a clean solution. Fill a bowl v cold water (you won’t require that much) and include in a couple of squirts of soft soap—laundry detergent works as well. When you’ve done that, agitate the liquid till you see bubbles. Native there, dip your brush in. Use it come clean the surface of the shoe; be gentle as to not damages the fabric. If you have a pair through sequins, brush castle in the exact same direction, otherwise, they can come off.

As far as the insides go, take into consideration wiping them through rubbing alcohol—that will aid to obtain rid of any odor. On top of that, it’ll kill off any kind of bacteria that can be top top the surface. Because that the best results, to water the rubbing alcohol ~ above a piece of cotton and use it come wipe the within of the shoe. Pay extra fist to the toe and also heel locations as they have tendency to be dirtier.

When you’re finished, permit them air dry. As pointed out earlier, you never ever want to placed them in the dryer—the warm from the an equipment will cause the towel to crack and also break. No to cite that there’s a possibility that the shoes can shrink! when it relies on how saturated castle are, they will generally dry in ~ a couple of hours. Think about stuffing the inside with used newspaper come soak up several of the excess moisture.

How to Deodorize Toms shoes (Alpargatas)

Chances are, her Tom pair of shoes will develop an odor after a while. Don’t fret; that’s normal—it just way that you’ve been wearing them for a while. Together it is, over there are several things that you can do to eliminate the smell. We’ll it is in sharing this tips through you below:

Placing Baking Soda Inside her Shoes

You’ve probably heard this before but baking soda is a great deodorizing agent. The best component of all—most that us already have that in the house! Essentially, what you desire to perform is to add a for free amount right into each the the shoes. When you’ve done that, provide them a an excellent shake; you desire the powder to spread out evenly inside. Native there, let the sit for a few hours (consider leaving the in overnight if your shoes are excessively stinky). Remove the flour in the morning. If necessary, usage a soft-bristled brush to brush the inside of the shoe—that will assist to get rid of any kind of powder that could be stuck.

Make Your own Deodorizing Powder

Another alternative is to produce your very own deodorizing powder. For this method, you’ll need three things—baking soda, baking powder, and cornstarch. First things first, take a bowl. Add 1/2 cup the corn starch, 1/4 cup the baking soda and also 1/4 cup that baking powder. Mix the powders with each other to create a deodorizer. If girlfriend want, girlfriend can include a couple of drops of crucial oils because that fragrance. Specific oils such as lavender, may likewise have anti-bacterial effects.


Once everything is mixed, sprinkle the powder into your Tom shoes. Let it sit because that several hours (overnight if necessary). Remove the mixture from the shoes in the morning. Dispose the the flour in the trash.

Using Dryer Sheets

Don’t desire to make a mess with powder? this is an easier solution—use dryer sheets. That’s right, you have the right to use them v shoes too, not just clothes. Not only will castle neutralize odors, but they’ll make your slip-ons smell fresh! all you have to do is put a sheet inside the shoe. Leave it in for a couple of hours and also they’ll smell as great as brand-new by the moment you take them out in the morning.

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Making use of Tea Bags

Did you recognize that particular tea bags have the right to be provided as deodorizers? Take black tea, for instance—it has tannins, i m sorry is effective at killing odor-causing bacteria. Ultimately, what you want to carry out is to put the tea bag inside her shoe. Before you perform that, though, it’s crucial to ar it in boiling water for a pair of minutes. As soon as it’s cooled down, you have the right to place the in your shoe. Leave it in for an hour or two prior to taking that out. Depending upon how wet the bag is, it can leave a little bit of liquid residue.