I was walking with my town wearing my HU shirt once I heard someone scream "Hollywood Undead". Ns live in England therefore hearing HU compelled me to revolve around. I saw a team of civilization my period calling me over.

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One of the girls pointed in ~ me, and also asked me what my favorite tune was (you know, come prove that i was a "true" fan). I told castle it was a tie between 'Let Go' and also 'This Love, This Hate'.

She responded "....Uh don't understand them. I choose 'Hear Me Now' best". One more guy climate shouted "Nah it's got to be the one whereby Charlie Sheen likes to display his weenie". Then she high-fived him. Ns was kinda disappointed.

But yeah! you have any HU-related stories?


For me, anytime me and also my friends have actually drinks, I'm usually the music male (seeing as I have a 64gb iPod full of all their shitty music) so once it involves my putting on a Hollywood Undead song, due to the fact that ya know I feel choose it, everyone goes "Hollywood Undead sucks!"

I then promptly put on everywhere I Go and also watch lock all lose their shit, saying "This songs fucking awesome!", "I love this band, who room they?". MFW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don't gain the anywhere I go hype. Clear I'm a minority, it's among the just songs ns skip top top swan songs.

Charlie Sheen lmao

Nope. I wore a Charlie step bandana from DotD top top my college farewell day. We had actually like a huge themed day, and also everyone to be dressed up. Ns proudly wore mine bandana, yet no one well-known it(at the very least nobody claimed something around it, except for my friends cuz lock knew ns was fan and had the bandana), and I to be a little bit disappointed in everyone:P

All this times civilization asking "IS the EMINEM?" when "Everywhere ns Go" is on....... Stopped counting.

Two semesters earlier at mine old university (CA) i was walking to the campus library and passed two males singing follow me to Gangsta Sexy so i high-fived them, climate skipped my anthro course to have an in depth conversation around the band and also our favorite songs. One to be a Deuce fan, the other a Danny fan, and also I learned the 2 guys have been best friends due to the fact that middle school.

world peace might very well be possible someday.

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This is a sub-altoalsimce.org specialized to Hollywood Undead, a rap/rock tape hailing indigenous Los Angeles, California.