Although it is land-locked in the Mojave Desert, there room beaches fairly close to ras Vegas that deserve to be reached in a 5 hour drive.And through “beach” ns mean, an s beach. We’re not talking around the beach swimming pool at Mandalay Bay, because that example, nor do we median a sandy coast at Lake ras Vegas or nearby Lake Mead, i m sorry is simply 35 miles away from las Vegas.

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This is Huntington Beach, my familyThis is Huntington Beach, mine family’s favorite
Santa Monica coast – 283 milesManhattan coast – 285 milesHermosa coast – 285 milesRedondo beach – 285 milesSan Clemente State coast – 286 milesAnd back they space beautiful and get an excellent reviews, the beaches of mountain Diego are quite a bit further. Mission Beach, for example, is 329 mile from the ras Vegas Strip. While that doesn’t sound prefer a lot, being around 50 much more miles from the Los Angeles area beaches, those extra fifty miles can include to a the majority of time spent in the car when steering on the always-busy federal government 5.A pilgrimage to the beach is not a day trip from las Vegas, but if you have a job or 2 extra top top your vegas vacation, a visit to one of these beautiful California beaches provides for a peaceful and also relaxing nice change of pace.(By Steve Beauregard. Picture courtesy the Ken Lund, Don Graham and Ron Kroetz via Flickr).

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