C.C. Has actually an interesting relationship through Lelouch and fans wonder if she is in love with him. Now most fans agree that she does. However, is this supported in the anime itself?

Much like my article on if Kallen love Lelouch and also I going to walk over C.C.’s relationship with Lelouch transparent the original anime.

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Disclaimer: While ns do carry out evidence to back up my insurance claims many key points declared here room not 100% precise or cannon. Fairly my interpretation of just how I watch the characters and also how they communicate in the story. Therefore while i am providing an answer to this inquiry that answer will never ever be 100% confirmed.

Also, Expect heavy spoilers yet if you are reading this you currently knew that.

I additionally recently uploaded a video that additionally goes with this subject you deserve to watch that here.

How C.C. Alters From Co-Conspirator to end up being a Close friend to Lelouch


C.C. Threatening to death Lelouch. Code Geass R1 illustration 7 at 9m 22s

C.C. Just Cares about the Contract and Not Lelouch’s Goals

When C.C. Comes ago and surprises Lelouch in R1 phase 5 we start to learn around her connection with Lelouch. She is completely focused ~ above Lelouch fulfilling his contract and also nothing else.

Lelouch it s okay nothing however cold and also empty responses native C.C. She even antagonizes the after Cornelia loss him. C.C. Expresses she frustration come both and Leloucn look at no one when she speak to herself.

But we know that she was talk to Marianne this entirety time. Judging from C.C.’s tone she look at working v Lelouch together a chore. She does show an attention in who he is and also starts come learn about the prominence of life and Nunnally.

At this suggest in the story, C.C. Says that she will certainly be v him till the end. So, Lelouch requirements to it is in alive yet not because that his sake fairly her own. In ~ this suggest in the story, ns conclude the there two are co-conspirators.

C.C. Realizes that Lelouch can Be different Than she Previous Contracts

C.C. During the Battle the Narita saves Lelouch through feeding Suzaku random photos unknown to her. Lelouch attempting to protect against C.C. Reasons him to likewise see images of C.C.’s past and Geass. This is the very first time this happens and also it’s vital to keep in mind for later.

C.C. Is injured during this and also Lelouch takes treatment of her in a cave. While she sleeps C.C. Claims her genuine name the end loud. Lelouch then utters it come C.C. After she wakes up.

Lelouch compliments the name and then proceeds to say thanks to her. C.C. Cries out of happiness due to the fact that no one has ever thanked her before. Provided the images that Lelouch experienced earlier, we deserve to see that C.C. Has actually been ~ above the receiving finish of hatred during her whole life.

The weird part here is you would think that C.C. Would certainly be kinder come Lelouch after ~ this but nothing yes, really changes. She is still focused on making certain that Lelouch fulfills her contract. So, Lelouch’s purposes are secondary to C.C.

After Lelouch attends the funeral for Shirley’s father, C.C. Again antagonizes him. She accused Lelouch that being as well soft and also not willing to continue on this path. This is among Lelouch’s lowest moments in the series and C.C. Made that worse through emotionally manipulating him.

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Telling Lelouch “you won’t disappointed me right” and “you space in too deep come turn earlier now” were probably not the ideal things to say at that moment. Despite the occasions in the cavern C.C. Still only sees Lelouch as a co-conspirator.