Decision-making around when to avoid driving because that older adults entails assessment of steering risk, availability of assistance or resources, and strong emotions about loss the independence. Although the hazard of being affiliated in a deadly crash increases with age, steering cessation deserve to negatively impact an older adult’s health and well-being. Decision aids have the right to enhance the decision-making process by raising knowledge the the risks and benefits of control cessation and also improve decision quality. The impact of decision aids about driving cessation for older adults is unknown.

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The Advancing understanding of Transportation options (AUTO) research is a multi-site, two-armed randomized regulated trial that will certainly test the impact of a decision help on larger adults’ decisions about changes in steering behaviors and also cessation. AUTO will certainly enroll 300 drivers age ≥ 70 years with a study companion (identified by every driver); the dyads will certainly be randomized right into two teams (n = 150/group). The decision help group will see the web-based decision assist created by Healthwise in ~ baseline and the manage group will review information around driving the does not encompass evidence-based aspects on risks and benefits and values clarification about driving decisions. The AUTO trial will certainly compare the effect of the decision aid, matches control, ~ above a) immediate decision top quality (measured by the Decisional dispute Scale; major outcome); b) longitudinal psychosocial outcomes at 12 and also 24 months (secondary outcomes); and c) longitudinal driving actions (including reduction or cessation) at 12 and also 24 months (secondary outcomes). To plan stratified analyses will study the effects in subgroups identified by cognitive function, decisional capacity, and also readiness to stop driving.


The AUTO examine is the an initial large-scale randomized psychological of a steering decision aid for enlarge adults. Outcomes from this study will directly inform clinical practice about how ideal to assistance older adults in decision-making about driving.

Trial registration NCT04141891. Registered on October 28, 2019. Located at

There space 44 million licensed motorists aged ≥65 years in the United states (CDC 2020) and driving stays the main mode of transportation for older american (Choi et al. 2012). Steering is connected to separation, personal, instance well-being and also driving cessation can negatively influence older adult independence and also mental health (Chihuri et al. 2016; Edwards et al. 2009; Foley et al. 2002; Harmon et al. 2018). Identifying ways to assistance older vehicle drivers to remain on the roadway safely and also maintain independence and also community joining is a nationwide priority (Classen et al. 2007; NHTSA 2010; NHTSA 1999). Safety and security is an important consideration due to the fact that older vehicle drivers are at increased risk of crashes (Classen et al. 2007; Pomidor 2016). Fatal crash rates amongst older drivers increase after period 75 (Cicchino 2015); normally older drivers pose a greater risk come themselves than to the community approximately them (Braver and Trempel 2004; Tefft 2008). Estimate of an individual driver’s risk remains difficult, as on-road trial and error is costly and not always obtainable (Betz et al. 2014) and also office-based assessments are impractical (Betz et al. 2015) and not regime (Betz et al. 2016a).

Decisions about transforming driving actions or cessation are complicated and emotionally-laden, fan to intersecting effects of safety, independence, and personal well-being. Additionally, this decisions generally involve multiple people, consisting of the larger driver and family members or trusted friends. In part instances, medical care providers are associated at the request of household or because of concerns around safety. Older vehicle drivers fear losing their independence, gift abandoned, or ending up being a load on others, while at the same time fearing causing harm to others on the roadway (Betz et al. 2016b). Decisions around driving are facility by enlarge adults’ useful ability, cognitive ability, decisional capacity, personality, and other determinants such as financial resources or access to alternate transportation options. Of specific importance is expertise the influence of cognitive impairment and driving decisions. While physical duty and details medications can affect driving quality, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of steady cognitive impairment may have the strongest attach to both steering risk and the require for ultimate driving cessation (Carr and also Ott 2010; Pomidor 2016). Given the calculation of nearly 16 million older adults in the US v dementia by 2050 (Alzheimer’s combination 2020), the decision-making needs approximately driving because that this team is significant. The role of household members, trusted friends, and also healthcare service providers in sustaining a driver through driving retirement gains added importance in the paper definition of cognitive special needs or concerns around decisional capacity.

Guides and self-assessment tools exist to assist older drivers and their family members think around driving (AAA 2005; NIA 2014; Pomidor 2016; The Hartford 2010), however they execute not incorporate evidence-based facets that help with values clarification and assessing the risks and also benefits of steering cessation. Healthwise, a nonprofit organization that gives decision assistance tools and also other services to enhance patient-centered decision making, released a decision aid in 2015 because that US motorists with and without cognitive special needs (Healthwise 2016). The device was emerged according to worldwide decision assist standards (Coulter et al. 2013; OHRI 2015), is available online, and is accessible to clinicians in medical care systems who use Healthwise tools, about 25% of clinicians in the united States. However, the Healthwise decision assist has never ever been experiment in a randomized regulated trial to advice its effectiveness on decision top quality or person-centered outcomes.

AUTO research design

The Advancing understanding of Transportation options (AUTO) research is a randomized, controlled trial being carried out with enlarge primary care patients in 3 US claims that looks for to assess the results of the Healthwise decision aid among larger adults and also a study companion (SP). AUTO will test the decision assist in boosting decision making and quality and determine its effects on particular subpopulations of larger drivers characterized by cognitive function, decisional capacity, and also attitudes about mobility transition. The hypothesis is that the decision assist will improve the high quality of decision making about driving behaviors, which will minimize the negative psychosocial impacts of driving reduction or cessation. The AUTO trial will certainly enroll 300 patient-study companion dyads from primary care clinics in California, Colorado, and also Indiana, USA. This dyads will certainly be randomized into two groups (n = 150), stratified by site. Both members of the dyad evaluation the exact same site (decision aid or control). Dyads randomized come the Healthwise control decision aid will check out the decision aid, separately, instantly following baseline assessment (Healthwise 2016). Dyads randomized come the control group see the national Institute ~ above Aging (NIA) “Older Drivers” website (NIA 2014) instantly following the baseline assessment. Dyads in both teams are instructed to check out the decision help or manage site at their very own pace and navigate with the site components at their own discretion. The AUTO trial will certainly measure the major and secondary outcomes in ~ baseline, 6, 12, 18 and also 24 months. Consent, enrollment, data collection, and viewing the decision aid or regulate material is done by telephone and accessibility to the internet; before the COVID-19 pandemic, that was also done face-to-face (see below).

This examine protocol has adhered to the traditional Protocol Items: referrals for Interventional Trials (SPIRIT) accuse (Chan et al. 2013). The trial will be conducted and reported according to the reporting of realistic trials: an expansion of the Consolidated criter of report Trials (CONSORT) Statement. The study has been authorized by the institutional review boards of college of California mountain Diego, university of Colorado, and Indiana University. The AUTO attempt is registered v (Clinical id NCT04141891).

Older adult-family member dyads are recruited native primary treatment clinics affiliated through each study, v an enrollment goal of 100 vehicle drivers and ≥ 67 study partners (i.e., ≥67 examine dyads) every site.


The target populace is dyads formed by: (1) an adult aged 70 or larger (n = 300) and also (2) a family members member, friend, or legal medical care power of attorney who the patient identifies together someone who might be connected in decision-making around driving or in giving support because that the shift to non-driving (n = up to 300; Table 1). Eligibility for patients is developed through screening of the patient’s electronic health document (EHR) and by assessments performed by the research aides face-to-face or via the telephone. The study seeks to enroll drivers more likely to it is in primed to take into consideration driving retirement, for this reason an eligibility criterion is the that they have actually ≥1 diagnosis the a steady medical condition connected with lessened driving ability and boosted risk the cessation, as characterized by our research team (Appendix 1). These conditions were abstracted indigenous participant’s electronic medical record list that diagnoses and also verbally confirmed during eligibility screening.


Site study coordinators attain lists of possibly eligible enlarge driver entrants at each site and then mail recruitment letters through a site-specific recruitment flyer. If the participant has not reached out to the site, a phone contact is made two weeks after the letter is sent to inquire around interested and eligible. If interested and also eligible, the older driver is asked for the name and contact info of a family members member and in addition requests permission to contact the family member to assess if lock are likewise eligible and willing come enroll. Eligibility screening for the study companion is performed prior to consenting the larger driver. If the enlarge driver go not identify a study companion or the study partner is ineligible or not interested, the older driver is inserted on a waitlist to it is in contacted for enrollment once dyadic recruitment objectives are met.

The AUTO trial will reduce loss to follow-up for longitudinal assessments through engaging the older vehicle drivers every 6 months transparent the research (6, 12, 18, and also 24 months) and SPs every 12 months (12 and also 24 months), consisting of keeping the assignment of study staff and participants continuous at every outcome assessment and also sending reminder letters.

Randomization and also blinding

Enrolled older vehicle drivers are randomized in blocks to alleviate bias and also aim because that balance among arms (Efird 2011), v randomly varied block sizes of 4 and 6, in a 1:1 ratio of treatment to control group. The allocation is surprise using a centralized, computer-generated perform that study coordinators accessibility once the RA completes the administration of pre-randomization measures. The driver and also SP space randomized to the exact same arm but complete examine measures and also interventions on your own. Participants are instructed to watch the treatment or regulate site in ~ their own pace and by navigating through the site materials at their own discretion. After perfect the decision aid or website review, every participants in both arms answer questions around knowledge, values, and driving retirement plans.

Participants are blinded to their allocation, though they know that the examine is around driving. RAs cannot be blinded to the baseline assignment the SPs because SPs are provided the same assignment together the driver. Whenever possible, a various RA conducts follow-up interviews to be blinded to research arm.

Description that intervention

The Healthwise decision aid is for older adult considering the decision “Is that time to stop driving?” (Healthwise 2016). The online decision aid has six sections: “Get the Facts,” “Compare Options,” “Your Feelings,” “Your Decision,” “Quiz Yourself,” and also “Your Summary.” The decision options (“Stop driving” or “Keep driving”) are presented v their benefits and also risks or side effects, alongside personal stories from other adults facing the decision. The “Your Feelings” page allows users to rate on 7-point Likert scale their: concern around getting right into an accident; lull while driving; are afraid of harming others; issue from others; and capability and willingness come use other sources of transportation. The “Your Decision” prompts them to price (on a 7-point Likert scale) their existing plan, native “leaning toward avoiding driving” to “leaning toward keeping driving.” The online DDA has a simple greyscale interface without pictures or videos.

Description that control

The NIA “Older Drivers” website (NIA 2014) was liked as a control because it best represents easily-accessible and also freely-available information about driving risk and also driving cessation that any older adult v internet accessibility could view. However, the NIA website walk not guide the individual v the decision-making process. It has a personal story indigenous an enlarge adult, information around various medical problems that can impact driving, and ideas of alternative transportation. It does not encompass videos or images.

Theoretical framework

Key procedures in this trial space tied directly to the Ottawa Decision Support frame (O’Connor 2006), which posits the decisional needs (e.g., knowledge, conflict/uncertainty, and also values) affect decision top quality (Fig. 1). High quality decisions, which are those both informed and also reflective of the individual’s values, deserve to spur action and subsequent health and wellness outcomes and also patient’s feelings around the decision, such the the highest possible quality decision will have the ideal outcome for the patient. Decision aids, including the Healthwise one gift evaluated in AUTO, normally have four key sections: (a) recognize the decision to be made, (b) describe risks and also benefits of various options, (c) assist the individual in clarifying personal values, and (d) activate the individual for decision-making (Bhandari et al. 2008; Matlock and also Spatz 2014).


Primary outcome

The main outcome is decision quality as approximated by the Decisional problem Scale (DCS; attachment 2)(O’Connor 1993; Sepucha et al. 2013). Decision top quality is a fundamental element that the Ottawa Decision Support framework (O’Connor 2006) together a precursor to actions change, through a high-quality decision identified as an notified patient make a decision continuous with their worths (Sepucha et al. 2013). The DCS procedures internal problem or ambivalence about the decision, with higher internal dispute (or ambivalence) denote the decision is much less in-line with an individual values. The DCS is a 16-item range with 3 subscales, including Values Concordance. The DCS has solid reliability and test-retest correlation (Cronbach’s alpha coefficients > 0.78) and has previously presented to discriminate in between known teams who make or delay decisions (effect dimension 0.4–0.8). Scores 1993). DCS scores range from 0 (extremely clear) to 100 (extremely uncertain about an individual values).

Secondary immediate outcomes regarded decision high quality are knowledge about driving decisions and decision self-efficacy. The understanding questionnaire, created for this study, assesses concepts about driving gift in the decision assist and control group websites. The Decision Self-Efficacy range will be offered to measure participants’ self-confidence or belief in their ability to make decisions around driving (O’Connor 1995), together decision aids can increase self-efficacy. Scores selection from 0 (extremely low) to 100 (extremely high self-efficacy).

Secondary outcomes

Depressive symptoms space measured making use of the PROMIS 4-item scale, with greater scores indicating higher depression. Every PROMIS scores are analyzed as standardized T-scores (mean = 50, SD = 10) (HealthMeasures 2020).

The Ottawa Decision Regret scale is a validated measure the correlates with decision satisfaction and conflict; that is score from 0 come 100, with higher scores representing greater regret (O’Connor 1996).

The Life-Space Assessment tool (UAB study of Aging) is a validated device assessing current mobility and role (Baker et al. 2003). Composite scores variety from 0 (bedbound) to 120 (travel the end of city every day there is no assistance) (Stalvey et al. 1999); scores of ≤60 are associated with lower levels of social participation and higher mortality (Phillips et al. 2015).

Driving-related measures drawn from prior studies and developed de novo incorporate self-reported driving frequency (days per week), avoidance in details situations (e.g., night), steering cessation (none, partial, complete), and crashes (≥1 versus none).

Cognitive measures

Overall cognitive condition is assessed v the early stage screening 5-min MoCA (Wong et al. 2015), the quick Test of Adult Cognition by Telephone (BTACT), and also the dental Trail Making test (OTMT) (Lachman et al. 2014; Mrazik et al. 2010). A examine neuropsychologist uses these cognitive tests to categorize participants’ cognitive duty as no impairment, gentle cognitive impairment, or dementia based on the BTACT Composite and OTMT-B (z-score 2004).

The brief Portable evaluate of volume for everyday Decision-Making (SPACED) steps decision-making capacity (Lai et al. 2008). Over there are four criteria, each scored v a 0 because that inadequate, 1 because that marginal, and also 2 because that adequate, creating a total possible range of 0 come 8.

The Attitudinal Readiness because that Mobility Transitions (ARMT) steps affective and also emotional elements of existing or future mobility changes associated with cessation (Meuser et al. 2013). The has four subscales: anticipatory anxiety, regarded burden, avoidance, and also adverse instance (i.e., the check out that mobility ns is harmful to high quality of life). Each of the 24 item is rated top top a 1–5 Likert scale, and greater total typical scores suggest lower readiness to change (Meuser et al. 2013).

Other measures

Baseline and also follow-up Questionnaires assess demographic features and tasks of day-to-day Living. PROMIS steps include worldwide Health V1.2, Emotional support (4-item), and Social Isolation (4-item) (HealthMeasures 2020). Additional measures room the 4-item viewed Stress range (Cohen et al. 1983) and the 10-Item Personality list (Gosling et al. 2003).

Follow-up questionnaires assess exposure to print or non-study online materials about driving safety and security or cessation, as these may influence decisions about driving cessation, too as major life events due to the fact that last contact.

Questions drawn from the The CoRonavIruS Health impact Survey (CRISIS V0.1) Adult Self-Report Baseline Current type (Bromet et al. 2021) were included to the questionnaires in feather 2020 to assess exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting participants’ well-being and also mobility. Research staff also began tracking relevant local orders that can limit steering (e.g., stay-at-home orders).

At baseline and also follow-up, SPs complete extr questions around their relationship with the driver.

Data monitoring

The data security monitoring plan (DSMP) because that this trial has monitoring by the PI and also a Data Safety and also Monitoring plank (DSMB). The DSMB Charter has a comprehensive list the the DSMB responsibilities. The DSMB will certainly act in an advisory capacity to the IRB and NIA Program main in bespeak to screen participant safety, evaluate the development of the study, and also review steps for data management and analysis, preserving the confidentiality that data, and the top quality of data collection.

Potential adverse events that will be monitored in the AUTO research include: fatality (any reason), inpatient hospitalization (any reason), emergency department visit (any reason), or motor auto crash. Every adverse occasion is graded through severity and also relationship to intervention.

Given involves over the security of larger drivers and also the community about them, the AUTO team developed certain procedures related to potentially-impaired drivers. Because that older vehicle drivers with an initial 5-min MoCA score that 21–25 (Additional paper 1), research staff evaluation questionnaire elements related come the American Academy the Neurology indict (Iverson et al. 2010). If the driver has ≥3 risk determinants (e.g., report crashes), the website PI contacts the driver to introduce they have actually a experienced driving evaluation and talk v their primary care provider. The driver is allowed to proceed participation in the study whether or no they finish a control evaluation. Additionally, AUTO staff can note pertains to from participant interactions, such as confusion with concerns or doubt memory difficulties in participants. This concerns likewise prompt an advertisement hoc review and potential call of the enlarge driver through the website PI through a referral to talk to their physician or trusted family or friends (Additional file 2). Every these actions are described during the educated consent process. At the moment of consent, older drivers are inquiry if they want to administer optional consent because that the research team to call their primary care provider or a designated girlfriend or family members member around their control safety, have to the team have concerns around safety.

Data collection

Before in march 2020, RAs met through older vehicle drivers to complete the baseline access time in human at on-campus sites or participants’ homes. The baseline conference includes: written informed consent consisting of HIPAA authorization and permission to access driver licensing documents (crash documents for the past 12 months before enrollment and also up to every 12 months ~ enrollment); administered questionnaires before and also after randomization; quick cognitive tests; and also viewing treatment or manage information top top a tablet. Study procedures and point of administration are presented in Fig. 1. Measures for SPs space similar, although SPs could complete their baseline session one of two people in-person or end the phone. An answer cards were offered to aid facilitate the miscellaneous questionnaires.

The COVID-19 pandemic and campus closures motivated a change in the examine protocol such that all larger driver and also SP enrollments are done through phone. Baseline sessions perfect by telephone (unless the participant asked for Zoom videoconference) usage a postcard consent v a waiver of composed documentation. Solution cards and a attach to the website (decision aid or control) are emailed come participants, with instructions to watch them ~ above the participant’s desktop, laptop, tablet, or clever phone.

Participants room contacted because that telephone follow-up in ~ pre-specified intervals: 6, 12, 18, and also 24 months after initial visit because that drivers; 12 and also 24 months after ~ initial visit for SPs. Participants are contacted via phone call or email (depending ~ above participants’ preference) to schedule the follow-up interviews. Trained research staff follow all institutional review board (IRB) policies concerning contacting participants, through at the very least 3 however no much more than 10 call attempts because that non-responders at every follow-up interval. Study staff attempt to contact participants at different times of day, leaving short messages on varying attempts, and also contact attendees via email and also mail as needed.

RAs at each site enter all data right into a secure study database (REDCap, Research digital Data Capture) (Harris et al. 2009). Data accessibility privileges specify just those privileges compelled by each individual in their particular organizational role, for this reason RAs deserve to only watch their site’s data, and limited study team members (PI, biostatistician, and analyst) deserve to see data from every sites. Every study records are save on computer in locked cabinet or password-protected papers on secure university servers. Recruitment, enrollment, and also follow-up reports are sent weekly to research study staff, coordinators, and also co-investigators to enable monitoring of study progress.


The recruitment that patients began in December 2019, through anticipated enrollment completion by June 2021 and also all data collected from recurring outcome assessments supposed to be gathered by June 2023.

Analysis plan

Planned analyses will certainly be performed according to the principle of intention-to-treat, including all randomized drivers. Uneven otherwise specified, hypothesis tests will be two-sided with alpha = .05, v 95% to trust intervals or p values reported. Descriptive statistics will be computed for baseline patient characteristics, initially testing for differences between control and intervention groups. Site effects will it is in assessed by comparing demography variables across the sites, making use of one-way ANOVA tests for constant measures and also chi-square tests of proportions for categorical measures. If there are significant differences amongst sites, climate (assuming sufficient events) evaluation will use separate models because that each aim described below, with a fixed impact for site and also with therapy arm as the main predictor. Because that longitudinal analyses, constant and logistic outcomes will be modeled using generalised estimating equations with unstructured correlation framework to account because that repeated observations on every participant. Analyses of the decision aid’s longitudinal results may be delicate to bias, as regulate arm participants might be exposed to treatment arm messages v exposure to available materials or courses regarded driving security or cessation (e.g., websites, doctor counseling). Analyses may change measurements of air pollution as applicable. In every analyses, validation that distributional and also parameterization presumptions will be checked and data changes (e.g. Log-transformations) or different methods will be imposed as appropriate.

Planned analyses will an initial test the effect of a web-based decision help as contrasted to regulate (web-based details only) on: (a) immediate decision quality, hypothesizing that more decision help participants will certainly make high-quality decisions; (b) longitudinal psychosocial outcomes at 12 and 24 months, hypothesizing that decision aid participants will certainly have diminished prevalence of depressive symptoms and of decision regret but maintained life space; and also (c) longitudinal driving actions at 12 and 24 months, hypothesizing the the decision aid—although not intended to direct participants to continue or stop driving—will lead to changes. Next, stratified analyses will determine the decision aid’s results in certain subpopulations, including: (a) older motorists with matches without cognitive impairment, hypothesizing that the decision aid will boost decision quality more in cognitively intact drivers; (b) older motorists with kept versus impaired decisional capacity, hypothesizing that the decision assist will boost decision quality more in chauffeurs with preserved decisional capacity; and also (c) older drivers who room attitudinally more versus less ready because that a mobility transition, hypothesizing the the decision aid will enhance decision quality much more in chauffeurs who are prepared for transition.

Study companion data will be analyzed because that the major outcome (DCS) with regression models that enable assessment that marginal effects of the intervention on larger drivers and also partners independently while jointly accounting for the correlation between drivers and also partners, and their concordance/discordance in decision quality. We will likewise examine the degree of concordance (or discordance) in ~ driver-partner dyads on assorted measures, including present versus preferred level of partner involvement in control retirement process (part the the steering questionnaire).

Study scales and variables were chosen very closely to store questionnaires as quick as possible and minimize overlap. To protect against inflation the our form I error rate, us selected DCS together our single primary endpoint that will certainly be tested to evaluate the overall efficacy of the intervention. Other second outcomes (as noted above) will certainly be taken into consideration subsidiary and also exploratory quite than confirmatory. (Li et al. 2017b).

Sample size and power analysis

The target sample dimension (n = 300; 150 intervention and 150 control) was preferred to allow detection of a 20–40% difference between the decision help and regulate arms (depending on underlying proportions for each the the therapy arms) for the major outcome (DCS score 1993).

The AUTO examine is the an initial large-scale psychological in the United claims for a decision help for control retirement among older adults. The randomized design enables examination of the result of a decision assist on both immediate and also long-term outcomes, the multi-site recruitment will boost generalizability, and also its longitudinal follow-up will match existing observational researches of steering behaviors among older adults, prefer the LongROAD study and Candrive/Ozcandrive (Li et al. 2017a; Marshall et al. 2013).

The COVID-19 pandemic occurred shortly after study enrollment began, prompting a transition to fully remote enrollment as of march 2020. This posed details logistic obstacles related to the size of the interview (which was more tiring because that participants by telephone 보다 in person) and technical difficulties in setup up the response cards and intervention on a home device during the baseline phone call call. One additional an obstacle was that during the duration of remote enrollment, a greater proportion that potential participants did not answer phone call calls, perhaps due to the fact that the call-back number is not determined as a university-affiliated number. However, the change to remote study tasks brought positive effects as well. This consisted of a much more rapid price of enrollment and high rates of participation amongst those eligible, maybe related come the desire of older adult to be engaged throughout times of society distancing or quarantine (Fuller and Huseth-Zosel, 2021).

The nature that the study increased a unique an obstacle related come the tension in between study integrity and also participant safety. The study looks for to examine the determinants affecting an larger adult’s decision about driving, v a desire come avoid giving information, guidance, or referrals to attendees (other 보다 the decision assist itself for the group). Yet responses to study actions or interactions v staff could uncover cognitive or physical issues that have actually the potential to dilute driving ability, thereby posing a hazard to the participant and also those approximately them. In addition, the study specifically looks for to enroll older adults with at the very least one medical condition (including soft cognitive impairment) that might add to control retirement so as to permit an adequate sample the older adults who protect against driving during the study. The AUTO team, in consultation v its DSMB, arisen study protocols and also safety checks to protect participant safety and also well-being without overly interfering in decision-making about driving retirement.

Additional research limitations encompass challenges, and also potential biases, in enrolling research dyads. Specifically, part older adults may not have actually or desire to imply a family member or friend to take part as a research partner, and also the study style may not permit a big enough sample of these older chauffeurs (without partners) for in-depth subgroup analyses. We made decision to allow some older adults to enroll without a partner out of recognition that their experiences and also outcomes may differ indigenous those with a partner, and the examine will provide at least preliminary analyses. We chose to have actually participants and also partners complete the decision aid separately, for this reason we could measure your responses individually (and potential concordance); in genuine life, such tools might be provided together. The COVID-19 pandemic itself affected older drivers’ habits (Morrow-Howell et al. 2020; Rantanen et al. 2020), with reduced frequency and also distances driven and anxieties about the safety and security of windy transportation, which might influence the study’s analyses and outcomes. Included study questions around COVID-19 and also its impacts on mobility and also on mental and also physical wellness will allow examination of several of these issues. In addition, internet accessibility was required to watch the informational website and solution option cards in genuine time, which might have impacted participant diversity.

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The AUTO study has actually the potential to help fill expertise gaps concerning decision making about driving retirement and to advancement the science and practice of for sure mobility through a life-course perspective. The innovative application of the decision assist model to older driver decision making provides the opportunity of facilitating decisions about driving retirement in a person-centered, acceptable, feasible way, and consequently it has the potential to alleviate the an unfavorable psychosocial outcomes associated with control retirement. Knowledge whether and also with whom to use a control decision aid has the potential to substantially improve the independence, health, and also well-being of countless older adults.