They’re back! prior to I re-introduce them, I’d like to share one of the most famous questions us received about our first Connie and Jack commercial: “When can we expect to see more of Connie and Jack?”

The prize is now. We freshly finished one more commercial special our two favorite actors and also it’s titled: “Out and around with Connie & Jack.” This time, instead of traveling roughly in your RV, they space home and walking their community on separate shopping trips feather for good deals. Their favorite deal, of course, is what they uncovered with consumer Cellular: terrific service native the #1 cabinet phone company provider in America in ~ affordable rates.

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We hope you’ll reap watching the advertisement as much as we took pleasure in making it.

I really enjoyed the brand-new commercial the end and around with Connie and also Jack they room so great together. Ns hope there will certainly be more to see of Connie and also Jack in future commercials.

reply to Tresha

I realy prefer Connie and Jack they are good together one inquiry why has Jack shed so much weight has actually he been sick go anyone know

answer to Ron

Thank you for asking, Ron. Us promise “Jack” is in an excellent health, he just started eating much better and exercising more. We evaluate your concern!

reply to Ashley

Thanks for giving us the info. My mam was pertained to for “Jack”, i told her that he looked to healthy and balanced to it is in sick and that he to be probably just so busy currently that he shed some weight, lol.

reply to Warren

Why does he barely speak in the advertising anymore, and also moves slower and also lost weight?

answer to Kathy

Thank you because that asking, Chris. Jack is doing just fine, he’s just embarked ~ above a healthier way of living as of late. We evaluate your concern!

reply to Ashley

Me too! I thought they to be so cute together and it do me to trust the customer Cellular agency more. V all the junk that’s the end there, it’s really great to see a cute pair in commercials. I know they’re no really married in actual life however who cares?!

answer to terrycloth

LOVE C & J! room they married in actual life? i think castle should have actually their very own sitcom! They”re beloved together!

reply to Tammy

answer the questionPLEASE!!! are connie and jack a genuine married come each other couple, correct or no, good couple,but answer united state !!

answer to jcrule

Thank you for posting! Connie and also Jack space not a real life couple, yet the actors who play them have actually a good time pretending they are!

answer to Ashley

Ashley, due to the fact that you room at customer Cellular, I desire to phone call you that I just received and also e-mail from consumer Cellular that announces a nationwide pilgrimage of Jack and Connie–but the detail link will no open. Deserve to you see around correcting this?

answer to Monte

The just commercials that ns don’t mental seeing. Consumer Cellular is just one of those 1 in a million businesses that don’t lie or mislead in their commercials. I’ve never ever been happier with any business in my lifetime. I’ve acquired the help I need when I necessary it, I’ve changed plans in the middle of billing periods, and also the web site is easy to navigate. Finally, a agency that in reality treats customers prefer they say they will. Ns LOVE CC!!!

reply to Ron

Unfortunately, the “only pay for what you use” is not true…the minutes through this firm is always messed up.

answer to beat

So who room the gibbs ??? What space the surname of the actors that play Jack and Connie ???

answer to Patrick

I read a reply elsewhere from C.C. The the actors space Jane Bement Geesman and Tim van Pelt.

answer to Jerry

Why room Connie and also Jack’s genuine names peak secret? ns was curious to recognize if they’ve play on other things.

answer to robyn

Thanks for the post, Robyn. Us doubt they would mind if we pointed out their real names yet just to it is in on the safe side, us don’t point out them simply to protect their privacy. I deserve to however, call you that Connie has been top top NBC’s Grimm and TNT’s Leverage. And Jack has made number of appearances over the years, many notably on NBC’s The West Wing. Thanks again!

answer to Dominic

That’s Timothy Busfield together Jack. Originally famed for Thirtysomething, later on for West Wing. He’s great, watch his reaction shots. Real talent.

reply to ken

It’s no Timothy Busfield that plays Jack. As not to damn it for others, I’ll only provide his initials as being J B. I recognize the actor instantly on an illustration of The Middle.

reply to thomas

I love this commercials. It’s prefer the means I would think it would certainly be chatting v them. Really informative through out confusion and also pressure. Jack (Timothy) is just the cutest male !

answer to Carly

Robert! because that shame! this ads space the finest in advertising! i watch a most ion television because I am cheap and refuse come pay for cable, and see these ads often and I am a vast fan of Jack & Connie. I chosen the enhancement of Jack’s dad, too. Yes, it’s dorky to care around a commercial, but I don’t care. I choose them, and also no, I’m no a plant from the ad agency or customer Cellular.

answer to Greg

We love the commercials due to the fact that they present places that we want to travel to together well. Us would prefer to understand where several of these places are so we can visit too!

answer to Violeta

Thanks Violeta! most of the commercials space filmed in Oregon and also the Pacific Northwest- which space wonderful locations to visit!

answer to Ashley

As a PNW resident, ns agree!

BTW: The actor playing Jack is indeed Tim van Pelt, as someone pointed out earlier. Connie is jane Bement Geesman, that is a Portland area resident. She is extremely regarded as an acting teacher and theatre director.


answer to Codgertater

I never ever get tired of the Connie and also jack commercials. Connie and also Jack repeat me that the good chemistry the James Garner and Mariette Hartley had in the Polaroid advertising in the 70’s.

answer to GG

Is the area behind that actor in the “Jack Plan” commercial Belleview WA (Seattle area)? my husband keeps informing me the it looks choose that, and also wondering if that’s true. If no we’d really like to understand where those beautiful sunlit apartment structures are, it can be nice to visit or live there some day.

answer to barbara

I have an at & t phone. Through the brand-new law passed recently that renders it so now everyone can acquire there phone unlocked, can CC aid me v this?

answer to Stephen

Are Connie and Jack a real couple,they space so good together. I love their commercials!

reply to Patricia

I’ve noticed a change in the character (jack) appearance in the new consumer cellular commercia….he watch to be 10 – 20lbs thinner as if he has been ill newly – just curious if that is handle with an illness or just chose to drop a couple of pounds.

answer to chris

when are they walking to have actually a gay couple instead of Connie and also Jack…It’s around time…Gay couples execute exist not just straight couples..Thanks

answer to Dana

I love customer cellular yet as ns was “browsing” ~ above the world wide web I can not find a consumer cellular pan club for me come join. I desire to have the ability to retwitter updates and also information like my grandson talks around when he’s constantly on his phone. Also, is there a clyde fan club?

answer to Franklin

Thank you because that asking, Franklin! us don’t have a pan club, however we encourage you come follow united state on Facebook, Google+ and also Twitter to obtain the latest news and updates. We would certainly love to have actually you follow us! as for a Clyde pan club, we don’t know of one in ~ this time. If we discover one, we’ll let friend know!

reply to Ashley

I reap Connie and Jack. They space so an excellent together. I was wondering. Was Jack sick? He has lost weight. Hope he is law better.

answer to Barbara

I to be responding due to the fact that these commercials rank in the top for the most annoying. They room unbelievable and the acting is poor. I don’t uncover them adorable. Mentally tested is more like it together they cross the country to disprove that jack is no the number one pan of a telephone firm that is mediocre at best and has much more complaints than any other one. Ns don’t even consider consumer cellular since of the frequent ads and also annoying idiocy. Due to the fact that a guy still provides a an easy cellephone the is Jack’s “My man!”

answer to Jim

I think Connie and also Jack are about as annoying as progressive’s Flo and also Jan the Toyota girl. Sufficient is enough.

reply to well-off

I love Jack and Connie, and these are one collection of commercials that ns actually reap watching! So happy Jack is okay……

reply to Sherry

Jack comes off as a real dork in this commercials (“I think I’m CC’s biggest fan”). That would care about that, in actual life? by no way do these commercials price as clever. Evaluate by the favorable solution to this tv advertising couple. There should be far more fuddie duddies out there than I ever before imagined.

answer to BL

I love Jack and Connie like everyone else I believed they whereby married an excellent commercials save upthe an excellent work.

reply to Jes

I have been a customer of consumer Cellular before Connie and Jack. Seeing the advertising the acting is so great I feel that they room husband and wife and also are perfect together. You fall in love v them both and wish friend knew them. I THINK that is GREAT.

reply to Michael

Is Jack the original Jack? simply seems different in appearance and character. Mine husband and also I love this commercials, they room not as good as the initial commercials however we still gain a kick out of them.

answer to Janet

OK, wherein is Jack and also Connie? They are my favourite commercial couple and I miss out on them! you re welcome just present some reruns of them if that’s all you have! The brand-new ads with the brand-new people just make me miss them more!

reply to Ms.

I miss out on Jack and Connie. The advertisement are choose a item of bread there is no the peanut butter and also jelly.

reply to Susan

Why isn’t Connie and also Jack act the ads for customer Cellular anymore. The new ones are any kind of good. Carry out not organize your interest.

reply to grace

Boy, we miss Connie and also Jack. Seems favor a whole lot that other world do too. Lug them on the back! It’s so an excellent to see an attractive older couple having fun together, gift active. And they’re funny!

answer to George

Bring back Jack and Connie! These new commercials room super boring and the gibbs don’t do any kind of justice for consumer Cellular. In fact, as quickly as the commercial comes on ns either flip the channel or mute it. The Jack and Connie ones were constantly entertaining, interesting and attention grabbing. These brand-new commercials are bleh to say the best.

answer to note

Can girlfriend please simply answer everyones question. Room Jack and Connie ever coming earlier to make much more commercials? that a Yes…No…answer. Please just answer the question.

answer to rose

Bring them back. Lock were and also are the finest faces of consumer Cellular. Obviously other is going on in the background as to why you aren’t utilizing them. New faces? ns don’t believe that. There were brand-new characters carried in once Connie and also Jack to be doing the commercials. Level v us.

reply to mary

I miss out on connie and also jack please bring them back. I’m 60 ye as r old and I can relate come them. Please.

reply to Sharon

Now that i we are ready to step into the realm of customer Cellular, I have been watching for their commercials which function Connie and Jack for this reason they get credit because that earning ours business, yet all I watch are miscellaneous commercials through other civilization that median nothing to us! No personality! We are not going to assistance the new actors through our new business. We will have to put turn off our convert to consumer Cellular till we see Connie and Jack again for this reason they obtain the credit for the boost in her customer base. Till then, our cellular business will have to stay wherein it is. Sorry, but whoever make the decision to drop Connie and Jack should need to suffer the consequences.

reply to Bruce

I think y’all should bring Connie and Jack back. Lock acted like a real family and also were great!Are lock ok? ns hope they’re in an excellent health.

reply to Lisa

Please carry Connie and Jack back, they to be the perfect pair for commercials.

reply to Theresa

What sort of vintage van is that on your brand-new Consumer to move commercial? Is it a Mercury? really would like to know please. Say thanks to you, Conrad.

reply to Conrad

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