Hey i am yes, really liking super smash speed 2 as I can lastly play smash a game I really choose without having to will to play smash64 by myself, and I have actually a chromebook so this game is perfect. The key-board controlls are really weird. Does anyone have any type of reccomended keyboard setups for this game? likewise should I obtain an actual controller the works through a computer? If for this reason which ones do you reccomend? thanks in advance:)


I'm glad you choose SSF2! If you desire any help with anything else or want to learn more about the video game or that is community, I'm every ears!

tldr: controllers room fine (GameCube is preferable), and the forums will help you set it up. However, I'd suggest giving the key-board setup a whirl: it's nice.

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Controllers are fine, and also many human being who are more familiar with other Smash games use them. However, keyboard does have actually some distinct benefits worth mentioning:

Subjective, however mashing is a lot less complicated if you have a irradiate keyboard

Certain progressed techniques (one called MDI allows you to do neutral moves prefer jab or neutral-B out of run, i m sorry is really helpful) require pressing both left and also right or up and down, i beg your pardon is impossible on a traditional controller setup

A lot much more ability come customize the setup

Dashing is an ext precise v a dash button, and also hitting things favor ftilts or dtilts on a platform don't have any kind of possibility the error (even despite if friend play another Smash video game you're unlikely to make any type of tech errors, every little bit helps)

Most world who use controllers usage a GameCube controller and seem to favor it, so I'd use that if you have a choice. There room guides top top the forums that define how to collection it up.

I use a keyboard, so if you want here's mine setup. It's reasonably advanced to begin out with, because I slowly added muscle storage over time. Relying on your personality preferences, you might prefer to change things choose auto-dash (for a character like Falcon, through a devastating ftilt and also an amazing dash-dance, auto-dash may be preferred). I'd shot to obtain used to activity without tap-jump and also with a dash vital (you'll never want to go ago to d-tap, to trust me), climate maybe combine C-stick ingredient if you want for details things (I obtained muscle storage for JC usmash with the C-stick, as well as dash-cancel fsmash and also dsmash, yet I don't use those secrets otherwise).

Movement: WASD

Jump: Space

Grab: U

Shield: I

Special: O

Attack: P

Taunt: 1 (the most important: for full optimization of taunt cancels adjust this)

Dash: J

C-stick: KNM, for up, left, right, and down dong (if it's unclear, the comma is dsmash)

None of the check-boxes (no insanity jump, no auto-dash, no d-tap dash)

Things the are crucial if you shot to change this setup or use a various one entirely: having auto-dash or a dash key is necessary if you desire to buffer a dash the end of something (say, because that doing a chaingrab), so that's essential. Having a dedicated jump vital is also important, yet having tap jump is fine: you just need a jump an essential so that things like short-hop aerials and also multishining isn't painful, and for some personalities like Yoshi it helps together well.

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Sorry because that the wall surface of text: if girlfriend have any type of questions, don't hesitate to ask.