Grasp the ratchet’s handle and pivot it toward the tractor’s right side to relieve tension on the belt.

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With belt tension relieved, carefully remove the belt from around theleft-hand spindle pulley.


Avoid the possiblity of a

pinching injury. Do not place your fingers onthe idler spring or between the belt and apulley while removing the belt.


Carefully allow the ratchet to pivot

rearward before removing it from the square hole.

Remove the deck belt from around all pulleys and the electric PTO clutch.

Route the new belt as shown in Figure 18.


When routing the replacement belt, use a 3/8”-

drive ratchet wrench to pivot the idler bracket forwardand route the belt around the idler pulley.


Make certain the belt is routed in front of the

grease fitting found on the rear of the idler bracket. SeeFigure 19.

Re-secure the belt guards removed earlier.

Re-tighten the bolt which secures the pivoting idler pulley to the idler bracket. See Figure 18.

Changing The Transmission Drive Belt


An air/impact wrench is needed to remove the

electric PTO and properly replace the drive belt.

All belts on your tractor are subject to wear and should be replaced if any signs of wear are present.


The V-belts found on your tractor are

specially designed to engage and disengage safely. A substitute (non-OEM) V-belt can be dangerous by not disengaging completely. For a proper working machine, use factory approved belts.

To change or replace the drive belt on your tractor, proceed as follows:

Remove the cutting deck as instructed earlier in this section.

After disconnecting the battery cables, remove the battery and battery tray from beneath the seat.


When removing the battery, disconnect

the NEGATIVE (Black) wire from it’s terminal first, followed by the POSITIVE (Red) wire. Re-install in reverse order.


Note the routing of the lower drive belt

around all the pulleys and the belt keepers (if present) BEFORE performing the following steps.

Locate the fixed v-idler pulley found on the left underside of the frame. See Figure 20.

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Grasp the belt on both sides of the pulley and gently move it toward the left frame rail allowing it to unseat itself from the fixed v-idler. See Figure 20.