What’s This around a cleft Lip?

My prior blog explained that Phoenix’s top lip “scar is indigenous what’s dubbed a microform cleft. Whether or not he’s had actually surgery is a secret he’s perpetuated. *  While a microform cleft may not it is in as apparent as a finish cleft lip , there may still be problems with functionality ‘cuz of a disruption the the continuous of the orbicularis oris muscle that encircles the mouth. The disruption may reason eating, drinking, and speech issues.

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Joaquin Phoenix john Shek ’05 WikiCmns


Joaquin Phoenix is A cursed Actor 

Despite having a call of gift volatile and also unpredictable once being interviewed, Phoenix has found himself nominated for an Oscar because that his roles in “Gladiator,”“Walk the Line,” and “The grasp “with the so late Philip Seymour Hoffman. He didn’t win for any type of of these performances, however he go make award mirrors a family affair through invariably bringing follow me his mother and also sisters, Summer and also Rain.


Philip Seymour Hoffman & Phoenix AP J Ryan

According come one report, “efore he signed on to play Johnny Cash in the 2005 movie “Walk the Line,” Phoenix befriended Johnny and also his wife, June, and also received the legendary singer’s blessing to play the role. The actor wanted to make the component as authentic as possible, so he learned to play the guitar and also took 6 months of vocal lessons so he might perform the film’s song himself.”

Joaquin Phoenix Is extreme as an Actor

Fans recognize Phoenix as an intense actor, however as it turns out, he is so intense on set that he’s improvised several of his wildest scenes. He must have it the end for commodes or he’s got a friend in the contracting business. He smashed a restroom in “The Master” and also ripped a sink off the wall in “Walk the Line.”

Joaquin Phoenix Dialed 911

Phoenix is the younger brother of late actor river Phoenix who died tragically the a drug overdose in 1993. Simply 19 in ~ the time, Joaquin made the contact to 911 in an attempt to conserve River’s life outside the Viper Room in Los Angeles.


OK, time for the genuine dirt top top Joaquin. Is his erratic behavior the an outcome of his cleft, his hippie parents, or his brother’s death? I’m relying here on info about Phoenix indigenous Huffington Post, moviefone.news, radar online, and wn.com . Lock dish and also sometimes destruction up dust on celebrities.

1. Joaquin Phoenix Has Hoodwinked human being into thinking He’s “Dropped Out.”

Besides acting and also looking bizarre throughout a David Letterman interview wherein he claimed to have given up acting, Phoenix has actually soundly dissed the Academy Awards, calling castle “Bull____.” He later on apologized because that both incidents.

2. Phoenix Is a Recovering Alcoholic 

In 2005, Phoenix announced the he was an alcoholic. He then checked himself into a rehabilitation facility. Interestingly, this took location shortly ~ he had actually filmed “Walk the Line,” a movie that focuses on the late Johnny Cash’s own battles through alcohol and also addiction.

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3. Joaquin Phoenix Rolled His Car

In 2006, Phoenix veered turn off a Hollywood canyon road, flipping his car. Someone had to break the back window of Phoenix’s car and pulled him the end of the wreckage.

It’s not basic being Phoenix.

*As discussed by researchers Yuzuriha and Mulliken, microform clefts are among the most negligible that the “minor ” slit lips. For those of friend who desire to get technical, the writer say microform clefts are corrected by twin unilimb Z-plasty. Mini-microform clefts room repaired by vertical lenticular excision. Major nasal correction is vital in all minor-form and also microform varieties and in some mini-microform types. The authors conclude, “In all 3 lesser-forms, the rate of nasolabial revision was reasonably low in comparison with that because that unilateral finish cleft lip.” 

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