The wizard of Oz is a 1939 musical/fantasy/comedy film adjusted from the 1900 novel, “The wonderful Wizard that Oz” through L. Frank Baum and also produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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It functions a scene where the Scarecrow inexplicably has actually a revolver firearm. The isn’t that however; the Tinman has a wrench (along through his typical axe), the Lion has actually a pest catching net, and also a two-handed pump sprayer through the native “WITCH REMOVAL” (or REMOVER), and also the Scarecrow actually has another item the isn’t seen or heard from again ~ the scene; a wade staff/stick.

The items possessed by the various other members are usually not even mentioned within the Mandela Effect ar when report on it. That seems favor the gun that the Scarecrow is hold is the most shocking come people. The Mandela result here is that world do no remember the gun and are persuaded that one of two people this scene never ever existed or he never had a gun.

Take a look at the adhering to scene below:

My Experiences

I personally carry out not mental this scene, however I was just like the rather in believing there’s no way the Scarecrow had a gun. It doesn’t do sense. Yet the scene is there. I wouldn’t to speak I’m a specialized fan or anything, but I’ve watched the movie a variety of times.

As an experiment, ns asked my friend to clock the scene without telling her anything. She has seen the film many times. I asked if she noticed anything the end of ordinary. She didn’t notice anything. I confirmed it again, and also yet again she couldn’t see anything weird. I think that’s at the heart of what we are dealing with here. It’s one obscure thing that has actually no best or context to gift in the movie, and also it’s solid noticeable even when inquiry to be aware. It’s only once we point out these oddities, the viewers become mindful of them. While mine impromptu experiment doesn’t finish anything, ns feel the at least raises part points on how this could be to let go or completely forgotten.

It was lugged up again in popular (and mine mind) recently as result of a Cinemassacre video on the subject.

Possible Explanations

Many long-time fans conclude that the step exists as component of a larger deleted part of the movie the explains all of these items. This has actually proven to it is in the case with “The Jitterbug”, a uncovered piece of clip that reflects a home video clip created featuring the music and some rehearsal production from the movie:

As the clip states:

“The Jitterbug” took 5 weeks come rehearse and film and was cut from the picture after the an initial preview. Below is the complete track of the number add by an ext of Alren’s home movies made during a camera rehearsal that the song; a brief opening portio that the number is covered by stills that the stars. The jitterbug itself was a pink-and-blue-mosquito-like creature who – under straight orders from the angry Witch – stung the primary characters and also sent them right into a frenzied dance in the Haunted Forest.

While the video above doesn’t directly define the items, it makes sense they were offered them to fight the Jitterbug, particularly the Lion’s bug catching net and pump-sprayer. It also matches up through the scene occurring in the Haunted Forest.

According come “ninaplays“, a Redditor, she or he likewise mentions that relying on the variation or “print” you are watching, it’s feasible that the Haunted forest scene in inquiry may have actually not even appeared. Additionally, a most the prints of the film are poorly restored, and in part cases, come make the end the finer details the the gun, or any other items the actors members are holding is quite a tough task indeed. Therefore leading to even further obscurity.

The post-production that the movie is fraught with inconsistencies. Take a look in ~ this poster/lobby map (which reflects the gun and other items as well):


Notice anything weird there? besides the whole scene being lit by daylight, Dorothy’s missing her ruby slippers, and also appears in a red dress instead? The Scarecrow’s colour are also off (they supplied blue and also purple instead of green and brown).

They also forgot to shade the total properly. Perhaps the artist didn’t also see it and thought it was part of Scarecrow’s hand? That certainly crossed mine mind city hall the scene together well. It might have been erroneously be seen as his finger or hand, especially if the print you were watching to be dark or muddy.

As erik larson mentions in the comments, lobby cards were often produced by third parties and also involved colorizing a black and white frame. It’s most likely they guessed in ~ the colors. It’s likewise weirder mistake provided that this lobby card is for the 1949 re-release.

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The production, restoration, and also continuity of the film is a mess. The Movie failure website entry for The sorcerer’s of Oz has 22 pages of errors (which functions this “Mandela Effect” funnily enough). This scene appearing in the movie with inexplicable item is no out that the kingdom of possibilities.