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MX-5 altoalsimce.org altoalsimce.org > NA/NB (1990-2005) altoalsimce.org> NA (1990-1997) basic Discussion> 922 vs. 921 rear brake bulb?

25th January 2002, 23:41

JJJ 90

I’m to plan to make the centre brake light right into a rear fog light by including an override switch and splicing right into the brake light wiring. The hand-operated says the bulb is a 921 (18W), however I desire to switch to a brighter bulb. Is the 922 bulb brighter? that looks choose it will fit, yet I’m not certain if it’s brighter.ThanksScott
If you examine the wattage of the 922 bulb you should obtain an idea if it will be brighter. I doubt the it is a higher wattage bulb. What is the function of a fog light on the back of the car? I"d it is in careful around putting too warm of a bulb in over there or it can melt the lens...there isn"t much extra room in there.
My GE lamp hand-operated shows the the #921 bulb is 21 candlepower and also the #922 is dimmer in ~ 15 candlepower.
The fog light on the German car was commonly in one of the unused parts of the drivers side tail light - If you could find part room in there, you might use a 30 or 40 watt halogen, choose they execute
I want the rear fog to help my visibilty in snow and also fog from the rear. I do many highway steering in poor weather and every small bit helps. I have actually this fear of being run over by a semi.I was hoping the this can be a fast mod and also not something the would call for drilling a brand-new spot because that a brand-new bulb.Driver, many thanks for the information. The 922 bulb ns bought does no have any wattage or output markings ~ above it.Any principles for a brighter bulb I could use in the behind centre brake light?< 25 January 2002: blog post edited by: JJJ 90 >
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