So, several of the lore piece that have come out room addressed come Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries (, as an example). In reading the articles, both that them tho at the very least sound "legal", and also somewhat divorced from the idea that Pirates.

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So I want to obtain a discussion going top top what people expect from this two different professions. Typically, Bounty Hunter felt like a hired gun to go after certain targets, while a Mercenary was much more a hired gun to go after... Anything. Yet I'm not certain if that's also narrow-minded and influenced by experiences in the past.

What perform you intend to watch as differences in between the Hunter and the Merc? What kind of ships carry out you expect pilots the the profession to use?


Mercs will perform pretty lot anything that calls for force.

Bounty Hunters are just for catching negative guys.

Kind of choose Mercs are a toolkit, while Bounty Hunters space a much higher quality screwdriver.

This is a great description! ns love this!

If you were to take it a look at the roles of the already established ships, what perform you think would certainly fit each profession? The toolkit matches the devoted screwdriver?

Mercs job-related for a client, that pays castle money because that a details service (be that security, as a private military etc...).

Bounty hunters don't usually job-related for anyone. They capture said person, and also hand them in come the person who post the bounty because that the reward.

Bout 3.50... Oh wait... This is really around bounty hunters and also mercenaries no the tag we gain for to buy stuff?

Bounty hunters go after criminals with bounties on their heads.

Mercenaries shoot anyone that the human being who paid them says to go shoot.

A couple of more points I've noticed from various portrayals in media:

Bounty hunters tend to be more of lone wolf (or self sufficient) if mercs can be solo or part of a group.

Hunters seem come be more technologically advanced than mercs, that are an ext of the foot soldier type.

Hunters charge an ext for a devoted mission/target. Mercs are more general purpose and also so they fee less.

Or atleast thats how I constantly see bounty hunters since I typically play/role play as one.

I've always thought the Bounty Hunters together a sub course of Merc. A merc is a human being who's a rental gun period. A Bounty Hunter would certainly be a merc who's dedicated in tracking and finding a human or little group.

Other things that merc's could specialize in would be: rental Combat Pilot (Escort) rental Marines (Security against Boarding) hired Repo man (boards and also repossesses a ship)

The list can go on and also on...

Agreed. "Mercenary" is usually a catch-all term for performing soldiery because that pay. Escorts, guarding, attacking, delivery, whatever. However there's one expectation of possible violence there.

Bounty Hunting can be taken into consideration a type of mercenary work. Yet you're going after a certain person or group.

One thing I'd choose to expand on regarding these, space the macro level the the described roles.

Mercs in huge groups will certainly be Private army Contractors, and also could even be used as an auxiliary assistance in fleet engagements.

Bounty Hunters will certainly probably have actually their Guild(s), or some kind of banking and also trader's union to companion with, due to the fact that normally, pirates will certainly hunt merchant ships, and who hunts the pirates? Bounty Hunters, mate.

I'd love to see this take off and also blossom and also be a real unique element of the game, together I'm sure various other roles and also groups will show up in early out time. I suspect an anti alien coalition as well, but that could be RP related.

Bounty Hunter - You determined your target from a list.

Mercenary - You room told what her target is.

I mean really the Merc is a more broad based project description. It can include facets of going after someone, but it can additionally include much more dynamic job opportunities such together escorting a delivery or being part of a bigger team of assault ships or retrieve objects of interest to the client. Wherein as ns would suppose Bounty hunting to it is in a much much more narrow field, kill/capture human being of interest kind missions.

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I recognize it's to be answered rather well regarding their direct roles as personal military and also police already, however I assumed I'd share the analogy

mercs put their resume out and clients who require security or brutes because that a struggle will strategy them to hire because that an arranged job

conversely, clients deserve to put the end a bounty on a person. Bounty hunters can check up ~ above space-craigslist gigs to check out there's a human looking come pay for a target. They most likely go after the target v no contract and only reap reward on success, so it's a time and financial risk yet probably great money


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