Coming indigenous the UK us were really excited to be doing our an initial road pilgrimage in the USA and also it to be a vast one – a Texas to California roadway trip! If you’re reasoning of law a similar drive and also you’re trying to find an itinerary that likewise encompasses path 66 climate I’ve obtained you – this day I’m share all about our trip, our stops and things to watch along the way.

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Our starting point to be Dallas TX whereby I’d been to a conference and also we to be flying house from ras Vegas NV. Correct we might have gone from Arizona as much as Las Vegas however we really, really want to collection foot in Calfornia, also if only for a bit.

According to Google Maps it is about 1250 mile from Dallas TX to Needles CA although i imagine we did slightly an ext miles 보다 that with the few detours and sites we saw. If we’d gone all the method to Los Angeles we’d have actually done just short of 1,500 mile on our drive however I’m sad come say we simply didn’t have time because that that and we wanted to concentrate on little town America this time.

1000 mile of ours road pilgrimage from Texas come California to be on course 66 for this reason we obtained to see a lot of the sites that so many human being look because that on this top drive. Here’s what us did and also where we stayed – ns hope you find it helpful!

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Our Texas come California road expedition –day by day

Our Texas to California road pilgrimage –day by day

We did look right into the best road trips indigenous Dallas but really my love was collection on route 66 which was approximately 300 miles far heading approximately North Texas so us figured we must do that.

We’d to plan to do this pilgrimage for years and had one cancelled pilgrimage so along with the reality that two of us were pretty crazy around old American cars and the other two evaluate the retro emotion of the era, it was in reality a no-brainer.

Route 66 below we come!

This is pretty lot the course we took although we remained off the I-40 as lot as feasible to check out all the tiny towns on the way.

Day 1 – Dallas TX to Wichita FallsTX

Distance – 140 miles

Our an initial leg the the road trip saw us driving with North Texas as much as the part that is well-known as the panhandle. It was yes, really nice to begin to see much more of the state external of the city the Dallas which had mostly been our experience on the trip so far even if us really just experienced the highways.

We broke our journey v an overnight protect against in a town called Wichita Falls. It was our very first taste the Texan life exterior of a city.

There’s too many to do in the town v plenty that museums, shops and restaurants. Ns wish we’d had an ext time in the area since we do love a museum!As we only had actually a restricted time before we collection off again we made decision to check out the waterfalls that the city is named after. It was on the circle Trail, was basic to get to and basic walk.I yes, really recommend walking either early on in the work or afterwards as that was incredibly hot there (we were there in august – more than likely not an optimal time!) There was so lot nature come be viewed there too with butterflies and also really beautiful birds the we managed to spot.

I likewise learned the the waterfall in Wichita falls are in reality rebuilt and not original – the city was obviously called after some, but they were destroyed in a flood. After lots of visitors came and also were upset to not check out the waterfall the town restored their landmark!

The restored waterfalls in Wichita Falls, TX

Where to remain in Wichita Falls

There are rather a couple of options in the town although castle are mostly chain hotels. We remained in the Nature Inn and also Suites once we stopped and also it to be nice for our needs and also had a swimming pool which our youngsters enjoyed. See more hotels in the town below on or on

Day 2 – Wichita falls TX – Shamrock TX

Distance – 164 miles

The U fall Inn in Shamrock all lit up in ~ night

The adhering to day us drove alongthe highway v what seemed like endless little oil fields alongisde. Us spotted plenty of of the ‘nodding donkeys’ and also although over there were numerous them, they definitely weren’t as huge as ns was imagining. Perhaps those were simply smaller oil fields or perhaps I just had actually grand concepts from the TV. Either way, phibìc Texas has actually a the majority of them!

Finally, us arrived at nearly the optimal of Texas and also found the iconic route 66, our dream destination and also what we had actually wanted come see! We actually drove a small back come the border with Oklahoma just so we might say we’d to be there too and so we could tick off an additional state.

Interested in a route 66 roadway trip? – Here’s our overview to planning the perfect above trip.

Our an initial day on path 66 saw united state drive only around 15 miles on the roadway as our planned stop was Shamrock TX. James has Irish root so when we heard about this town had it certainly appealed come us and also we want to learn much more about it.

Shamrock was exceptional – us loved that tiny town and also it to be our first experience of seeing neon light up the road, similar to we’d imagined.

The U fall Inn is a must-see little of style on course 66 – don’t miss it lit up if friend can!

We continued to be overnight at the holiday Inn to express which was right beside the U drop Inn garage and the centre of the small town so basic to go around. Inspect for recent prices

Loads of rusty old car – this is what few of our household wanted ~ above this course 66 roadway trip!

We’ve composed a bit more about ours time in Shamrock here.

Where to stay in Shamrock, TX

Shamrock has actually a couple of historic motels that will provide you the retro emotion as soon as you action in them They additionally have a pair of chain hotels to select as well. You can see the selection here top top or

Day 3 – Shamrock TX to Tucumcari NM (via Amarillo)

Distance – 204 miles

The famous big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo

The 3rd day that our road trip, driving indigenous Texas come California, saw united state leave the beloved state that Texas behind.

We really did love that state. The civilization were therefore friendly and also that has actually made us figured out to return and explore more!

Before leaving we controlled to catch quite a couple of of the Texas path 66 attractions such as the gigantic cross and also the church attached in ~ Groom. This is just one of the largest crosses in the western hemisphere and is quite a sight!We also stopped at large Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo – we’d checked out this restaurant discussed so plenty of times as it’s one of those places you can try and eat their large steaks and also if you manage you gain it because that free.

There’s a gift shop and also some photo opportunities around the restaurant so certainly worth recording if girlfriend can.

The top Cadillac Ranch is additionally at Amarillo however for some reason we regulated to totally miss wherein to come turn off to find it! i don’t know how we to let go it, but we walk – ns was very sad about this since it was such an iconic spot.

Anyway, we additionally explored a pretty cool organization station on I-40 that was decorated in a nice route 66 style and also came throughout our very first mention the tornados since it had actually a tornado shelter! Yikes, perhaps time to acquire on the road!

Texas – we will be on the back!

Tucumcari was just over the border in new Mexico and we celebrated this brand-new state with tacos because that dinner! It to be Tuesday ~ all.

This was one of the towns I was many looking forward to ~ above the pilgrimage – I’d seen images of old format motels with many neon, just what we were feather for.

We weren’t disappointed – us were cure to method more neon than I might have ever imagined as practically all the motels were lit up in the town. This really felt prefer a actual Route 66 city as us wandered approximately at sunset listening come the crickets. It was a reasonably quiet roadway I can just imagine Fillmore and Sarge (from the Disney cars movie) watching the website traffic lights there! there are lots of murals in the town too, it’s choose everyone wanted to repaint a step of times gone by.

Even if friend don’t stay overnight here I’d absolutely recommend stopping and checking that out. And enjoying the neon and also taking every the photos there are some good museums in the town also if you want to find out a little bit an ext about the area and also the history.

You deserve to read alsomore around Tucumcari and the remainder of the brand-new Mexico route 66 website that us visitedhere.

Where to continue to be in Tucumcari

We stayed in the lover Motel Safari, which to be a small cheaper 보다 the above Blue swallow motel yet we really liked it. It was quite simple but had actually that retro 50s motel feeling with just how it was decorated and also was at sight clean. Fab.

You deserve to see the options of motels in Tucumcari right here – there’s quite a many to pick from. &

Day 4 – Tucumcari NM to Gallup NM

Distance – 311 miles

This was our longest driving day and we drive pretty lot the whole state of new Mexico, with Albuquerque and almost to the border through Arizona.

We witnessed lots and also lots of indications for casinos top top the road and there were also lots of because that shops v authentic indigenous American goods which was amazing – to be ethical it to be the only element of their society we observed on ours trip and I know there’s so much to discover so the was a shame. I’d love to explore much more of it at some point through more than just see the tourist shops – again miscellaneous for an additional road trip!

On the west next of Albuquerque to be the Petroglyph national Monument i beg your pardon sounded prefer a really interesting place come visit so we took our supermarket having lunch there (one that our many tips on maintaining the budget down top top our roadway trip) and also ate that before having a walk roughly the trails there. It was a great stopping allude for our work of driving, especially as us did rather a couple of miles this day.

There space a couple of trails to walk – we kept ours quite short but still acquired a great view of the bordering area. It to be so amazing to see how the see had changed in just a short drive.

The weather was still quite heat in brand-new Mexico, yet it was nothing choose the stifling warm we’d proficient in Dallas and the rest of Texas. August certainly isn’t the best month because that driving ns don’t think, especially in Texas, but it go get better for us as we drove West.

Where to stay in Gallup, NM

We stopped overnight in Gallup which is an additional famous route 66 town (it’s even in the song) – we finished up picking a motel ~ above the suburbs which i wouldn’t recommend together it meant we didn’t get much time to explore the city which to be a shame.

There room a few options in the city though, consisting of the El Rancho hotel which is yes, really popular. You can see lock all right here on and

The iconic Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ

Distance – 95 miles

This to be a nice quick driving work so us took it easy. That saw united state reach our 4th state – Arizona! We’d continue to be in Arizona for a few nights together we had lots come see and do in the area.

In in between the two stops on this day was the Petrified Forest and also Painted Desert nationwide Park which I’d watched beautiful photos of and also had to see.

It was a little overcast on ours day there so it wasn’t as exceptional as i imagine it would have been with some beautiful sunlight, but it was still a really good day the end nonetheless and also we had actually less worry about being the end all day in the heat.

If you’re interested in going to this nationwide Park you can read ours post about thePetrified woodland here and, many importantly, just how I ended up being a junior ranger (and the youngsters did too!).

Our friends in ~ The daily Adventures that Me also took a expedition to the Petrified Forest and have part fab pics on your post around it too.

Where to continue to be in Holbrook

Our night time stop was the above wigwam motel in Holbrook i m sorry was only a brief drive native the Petrified Forest!

We loved it there, and it to be awesome walking approximately as the sun went under taking photos of the old cars. Inside it to be a little dated, but for the price, i m sorry was one of the cheapest on our route, it was absolutely worth it.

You’ll require to book direct with them if you desire to remain there (and it can acquire booked up early so definitely do that if you have actually your heart set on it) or you have the right to see part other choices in the town below on and


Distance – 125 miles

Leaving Holbrook we stopped in Winslow i beg your pardon is featured in the well known Eagles tune ‘Takin the Easy’ and made because that a pretty halfway stop and also a perfect photo opportunity.

After Winslow we had a slim detour off path 66 to discover the meteor crater. It’s something that i felt we’d remorse if we didn’t shot and watch it while us were in the area. It’s only about 6 mile or therefore from the road so not far at all.

I appreciated the meteor crater and also if you’re at all interested in room then you need to visit. You can have guided tours of the rim, learn about it every in the exhibitions and watch the 4D movie too. Definitely worth the short detour!

We climate drove on come Williams wherein we spent the following two nights. Honestly, it was something we’d required as we’d to be travelling non prevent for the critical week. If girlfriend don’t want to burn out ns recommend law something similar.

One thing we couldn’t believe was the readjust in scenery as you approach Williams. I assumed the the totality of Arizona would be all desert however there to be parts as soon as I could have fully believed we were ago in Scotland! therefore lush and mountainous – i was really surprised!

Williams was a good town come wander about at night v shops and museums and also of course it’s appropriate on the doorstep that the grand Canyon for simple day expedition there.

Where to remain in Williams, AZ

We continued to be in the Motel 6 in Williams which although slightly boring to be nice, cheap, main and right throughout from a dairy product Queen. Oh, I miss Dairy Queens!

You deserve to see the hotel alternatives in the city on and


We knew we had actually to see the cool Canyon on this drive yet we also knew the paying extra because that the privilege wasn’t ours style, therefore we continued to be two nights at the motel in Williams AZ and just did a day expedition to the cool Canyon. It was just a 60 mile expedition so quickly doable in a work from there and also kept it within our budget.

You can read much more about the grand Canyon trip right here – needless to say, it to be awesome.

From Dallas come the grand Canyon ours road pilgrimage tipped into the end 1000 mile mark!

Day 8 – Williams AZ – Needles CA

Distance – 165 miles

The last day of our road trip – sadly, together I stated not fairly a complete Dallas come Los Angeles roadway trip, but fairlyclose. I remember seeing indicators for LA and also thinking we should simply go because that it!!

The critical day saw united state go through several attractions though, the first being the city of Seligman, residence of the barber angel Degadillo. We’d watched his story on the extras that the dare DVD and also so were yes, really pleased come chat v him. There are a the majority of shops in Seligman and also I think it’s a prevent for numerous coach trips too.

Seligman is a classic Route 66 town – definitely stop off there if girlfriend can.

This stretch the the west end of path 66 have the right to be done a couple of ways. You have the right to follow I-40 all the method or you deserve to come off and go up through the hills via a town dubbed Oatman.

We heard numerous stories around it being a very twisty road, but due to the fact that we’re provided to that in the UK we thought we’d be fine – that still had me gripping host of my door handle! an extremely twisty, very high roads, yet a wonderful view.

Oatman is an old ghost town that is a bit an ext of a tourist attraction now with lots of tourist shops, shows and also the bus (wild donkeys) that come into the town. I recommend the trip, but do be conscious it’s really touristy.

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You can read more about the towns in AZ and what we experienced here.

The last night of our road trip was invested at the Rio Del solar Inn Motel in Needles and I was so excited come have ultimately made it to California – the ar we see so lot on TV! ns hope following time us can discover a little bit more!


We had an exceptional time top top our route 66 expedition from Texas to California and also encourage anyone reasoning of law a comparable trip to walk for it! If you need some guidebooks to accumulate you have actually a watch hereand you deserve to see every one of my route 66 articles here.

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