With so plenty of economic issues, everyone is trying to do a dollar walk further. NFL athletes room no different. Having been ~ above both political parties of this worry as a player and also now as an agent, I have seen firsthand how easily money comes and goes in professional sports. 

While shows favor ESPN’s documentary Broke to mark the pitfalls of gift a skilled athlete, over there are additionally many players who room smart v their finances. In NFL locker rooms all approximately the country, televisions are collection to ESPN and also NFL Network, but also to CNN and also CNBC. 

Players care around their financial futures, and by heeding the adhering to advice castle should have the ability to live comfortably for the rest of your lives. 

One the the first concepts young players need to grasp is that many of their NFL careers will be short-lived and also that they will certainly not beat in the NFL long enough to make countless dollars. 

Most athletes gain through university on Pell provide money or a tiny scholarship stipend. If they make the NFL together rookies, the basic salary in 2012 is $390,000. Many players look at the number and also think they are set, once in truth they will certainly be happy to obtain about half of that after taxes.

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For example, adjusting to the expense of life in new York City after relocating from Columbia, Mo., is a difficult lesson to learn. Assets just cost more. Many players struggle with the cost-of-living adjustment and also are amazed at how quickly their bank accounts dwindle.

Another significant issue because that athletes space the expectation from family and friends. I have actually heard horror stories of parents telling their kid that they mean to retire now that he has been drafted. 

The NFL player demands to carry out for his parents favor they provided for him. 

Family members expect totally free flights, complimentary tickets, complimentary jerseys, helmets and NFL gear. Speak no to household is an extremely hard and also players space "guilted" right into spending money they should be saving.

NFL players work tough to make the league and want to reap the spoils of your success. However trying to “keep up with the Joneses” have the right to be expensive and also cause lots of financial heartache. 

When a young player very first signs v a team, that looks in the parking lot and also sees BMWs, Mercedes and even Maybachs. Perhaps he dreamy of having those cars as a kid, and also he may believe that that “needs” that ride now. Most of those dare are thrust by players who have currently made huge money and also can bought them, however some men who purchase them room trying to front and also act favor they have an ext cash 보다 they do.

Pride is an evil mistress in a NFL locker room, and trying to have actually the best house, the best suits and also the most cars can obtain expensive and frivolous. 

Some the the best advice I ever heard to be from a veteran who blew with his rookie contract ~ above “toys” and was fortunate to have actually seen the error that his ways. 

“Why did i need much more than one car anyway? I deserve to only journey one at a time,” he said. 

This lesson uses to owning dwellings as well. Players have to live in ~ their method and think long-term as opposed to short-term.

Most players space not taught an excellent spending habits growing up and never find out these lessons in college. There are not countless colleges or colleges that sell life an abilities courses on just how to control credit and also be a way investor. I have actually known players who had no idea what a credit score was. The is why hiring a proficient financial planner who deserve to teach you and make sound investments is important.

As one agent, i cannot and also will not sell financial invest advice to mine clients. No investment is risk-free, just like no one financial adviser is great for every player. Ns recommend each player interview multiple this firm to discover the best fit.

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As one agent, I recommend my clients on plenty of topics, but I do not play for them, so at some point their career is your responsibility. The very same principle uses to your money. 

I use this example when I speak to players: You would certainly never simply walk approximately a stranger, hand him her child and say, "Take care of this for me.” You would ask for references; you would talk come other human being this person has done childcare for; you would certainly take every precaution to ensure your child"s safety. The very same rules should use to her money.