We’re not going come sit here and also pretend that teenagers are practicing abstinence, even though the is being preached to fatality in Singapore’s sexual education and learning programmes.

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One teenager decided to be responsible around his, um, naughty quests by to buy a fill of prophylactics at the surrounding 7-Eleven store. However, Redditor u/RustMoo observed the teenager was allegedly reprimanded by the 7-Eleven shopkeeper because that buying condoms and was told come not carry out what “adults” do.

The Redditor’s short article on Saturday (Dec 15) ~ above the r/Singapore channel has received an ext than 100 upvotes together of push time and close come 100 comment from Redditors that were upset the the teenager was being reprimanded for acquisition ownership and responsibility over his sexual tasks instead of causing unwanted teenage pregnancies.

In the post, the Redditor said what the shopkeeper did was “ridiculous” in saying the the teenager was also young to buy condoms.


Coconuts Singapore has reached the end to 7-Eleven to obtain additional information concerning the matter.

We believe it’s far better to be safe than sorry, therefore it’s sad to know that this walk down. However, it bring up a potential concern for debate: whether we should disregard or address the truth that some adolescents will have actually sex at some allude and it might be better for them to it is in prepared once the instance arises.

To the boy: girlfriend can always go to Cheers or purchase your condoms online. If anyone judges you, simply say you’re help to keep teenage pregnancy prices low.

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