Does Gatorade go bad or not? Is it safe to consume Gatorade previous its BBE and if so, just how long? uncover all the answers the you are trying to find in this guide.

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Spoiler alert: Gatorade most certainly goes bad.

The best means to examine is by putting some right into a clean glass and also checking if over there are any changes in color, sediment, and smell. Unequal other products like cottage cheese, Gatorade is mass-produced, meaning the appearance and also texture should be the exact same in every bottle.

That makes it a lot easier to spot a party of Gatorade that’s not okay to drink anymore.

If her Gatorade looks and also smells fine, however you’re tho suspicious, give it a little sip. Don’t issue – having a tiny Gatorade that’s turn off won’t carry out you any damage.

As because that powdered Gatorade, look at for any type of mold ~ above the tub or in the powder. Lumps are a sign that humidity has gained into the tub, making it a reproduction ground for bacteria. Therefore, if girlfriend find any type of clumps that powder, litter the whole bath tub in the bin, rather of just picking the end or do the efforts to different the lumps.

How To store Gatorade


The good news?

How long Gatorade Lasts


Since Gatorade is a brand, we can confidently say the every Gatorade party comes through a best by day on the neck. If you desire to stay safe, go by this date.

However, Gatorade is shelf-stable, meaning you have the right to leave it in ~ room temperature. Its slow aging process way it will quickly last 2-3 year after the best prior to date, back the high quality will absolutely deteriorate.

Once your Gatorade is opened, it will certainly last 1-3 job on the counter and also 7-10 days in the refrigerator.

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As because that powdered Gatorade, it will certainly last for 2 years previous its finest by date, as lengthy as did you do it stored that in a cool, dark pantry. Once opened, the tub’s seal is broken, definition you should end up the powder within 6 months.