Kevin Gates ended up being a star relatively recently. However, the rapper has functioned for a when to achieve such a success and also become a man he is today.

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Date of Birth: February 5, 1986

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

The rapper’s real name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard. He had rather a an overwhelming childhood and also was arrested because that the first time as soon as he to be 13. He initiated the experienced singing career in 2007, however rose to prominence in 2016 ~ presenting his debut album Islah. Besides, gateways is a co-owner the Bread Winners’ Association document Label.

Though Kevin gates doesn’t share much information about his family, us have regulated to find some interesting facts.

Kevin entrances parents

Name Unknown (biological father)

The rapper acquired acquainted through his biological father when he remained in the 8 hours grade. However, the guy passed away once Kevin was 17.

Martha Gates (nee Green) (mother)

When Kevin was still a baby, she married his stepfather.

Name Unknown (stepfather)

Kevin mutual that his stepfather didn’t treat that well and that’s why, he invested the major part of his childhood v his grandparents.

Kevin entrances siblings

Brandon Gilyard (younger brother)


Date of Birth: September 16

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

He still stays in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Kevin might have much more siblings.

Kevin gates wife

Dreka Gates (nee Haynes) (wife)


Duration that Marriage: due to the fact that 2015 till present

Date the Birth: respectable 31, 1986

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Dreka, whose birth name is Shadreka Centuri Haynes, to be a genuine estate agent before she released Bread Winners Association with Kevin. Now, she is she husband’s manager. Moreover, the mrs deals with clothing design and also has a skin care line.


Dreka met Kevin as soon as she to be a high institution student, yet their relationships began when she currently studied in ~ college. Kevin espoused Dreka in October 2015. They are parents to two kids.

Kevin entrances children

Islah Koren Gates (daughter through Dreka Gates)


Date that Birth: November 30, 2012

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Islah is the firstborn that Kevin and Dreka. Though she is still a child, she has her own Instagram account. Islah already demonstrates creative skills. Thus, she appeared at one of her dad’s shows and also impressed the public by she performance. Moreover, she and also her mommy were featured in Gates’ music video clip Pride. Through the way, the rapper decided his daughter’s surname for the location of his debut album. He likewise shared the his firstborn made that a better personality.

Khaza Kamil Gates (son with Dreka Gates)


Date of Birth: might 10, 2014

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Khaza is Islah’s small brother. Like his elder sibling, he already owns a personal Instagram account. Moreover, his dad’s song Khaza is devoted to him. Kevin gateways is versus vaccination of his children and also he thinks that they build faster due to the fact that they haven’t been vaccinated.

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The singer seems to it is in a dad to some more kids. However, your identities no disclosed.