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I usage Mane ‘n Tail shade Protect Shampoo and Conditioner daily and also I love it! my hair is very dry and also damaged from year of color it and using heat to format it. Mane n’ Tail color protect Shampoo keeps the looking healthy and prevents my shade from fading or washing out. The conditioner also keeps my hair smooth and also soft yet doesn’t weigh it down. I am really picky around what I usage on mine hair however I love this product. Many thanks Mane ‘n Tail!


I started using Mane ‘n Tail around 8 month ago. My mommy is white and also my dad is Hawaiian Native, my hair suffers from the cross of ethnicity, lol. Together an adult I’ve tried therefore many commodities , hoping to tame and also nourish what I’ve always referred to as my ‘horse hair’. I never ever would’ve imagined this product would give the results it does and did! indigenous my very first use, mine hair dried ~ a shower with the most beautiful, natural and also healthy, shine, feeling & look. Mine hair to adjust flawlessly and also tangle complimentary with together health. 8- 9 months later my hair has actually grown therefore much, I even have beautiful infant hairs!! I simply wanted come say give thanks to you. I’ve never ever in my life had the beautiful hair I’m for this reason blessed to experience now, thanks to your product. I will be a proud, loyal, costumer for the rest of mine life. Thank you !!

OH. MY. GOSH!!!! i LOVE this shampoo! mine daughter bought it and recommended that I shot it and also I am absolutely blown away at the results! i have really naturally curly hair that gets an extremely frizzy once I blow dry it however with your product, my hair to be unbelievably silky and smooth! I have tried every product ~ above the industry from the cheap to expensive and your shampoo and also conditioner is the really BEST that ns have ever before used. My hair has not felt this clean and shiny in years. Give thanks to YOU for such a great item. Customers because that life!

I was presented to Mane ‘n Tail with a household member. I had actually never used it previously, what a difference! mine hair felt so clean and was shiny all day long. It to be light and not weighed down or emotion greasy. Ns usually should wash mine hair daily yet when I usage your product my hair remains fluffy and also doesn’t gain oily as quickly. Many thanks for your personal care products.


MANE ‘N TAIL! girlfriend guys, ns love you. Last year, at twenty years old, ns was diagnosed through lymphoma. My first and only fear was shedding my hair and when ns did, it was the most traumatic day of my life. Thankfully, ns was claimed in remission march 2014 and I’ve been using your product ever since. Five wow. I’m in ~ the point where ns feel earlier to myself again, since of YOU and also your product. Thank you so much!

After the an initial use that Mane ‘n Tail I automatically felt the distinction in my hair. It to be softer and healthier looking. Mine hair feeling clean and also light and also I was amazed by exactly how it looked after ns styled mine hair. For me it to be a breakthrough! i was ecstatic that i finally discovered something that worked.Months later, ns am still using this product! It has actually made my hair shinier and healthier. Mine hair even looks thicker 보다 before.Now that i am making use of Mane ‘n Tail, my hair routine has end up being so lot easier and also I love the means my hair look at every time.

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I have tried every shampoo and conditioner indigenous expensive shop brands to drugstore brands and also nothing ever seemed come tame my kinky, frizzy hair the means your product has! I originally started utilizing Mane ‘n Tail approximately August of critical year because I heard it helps hair thrive faster, what ns didn’t understand is that it would naturally smooth and straighten my hair and also leave it looking amazingly soft and also healthy! ns am continually complimented on how long and also healthy mine hair looks! i recommend your product to everyone ns know since it has worked so well for my hair. Walk I point out that her product is entirely affordable? Well, include that come the long list of impressive pros for her products. Thanks so lot for taming my hair!

I simply wanted to let you understand that i love her product. I have actually been utilizing the shampoo and conditioner because I was a small girl. Any kind of time I use a different type of shampoo and conditioner my hair is limp and lifeless, but with Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and also conditioner my hair is silky, thick and also full that volume. Thank you because that making an remarkable product.

I have been making use of Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo because that over 4 months now, and I am absolutely in love! I have tried so countless different shampoos but with every shampoo after around 2 months my hair would obtain used come the product, and also it would become ineffective. I haven’t had actually that problem with Mane ‘n Tail in ~ all! mine hair used to break and also fall out, yet now it is so solid and seems thicker. Ns am so please with this product, i recommend it to everyone!

I would similar to to let friend know just how much I enjoy this product. As I used to display horses I provided this top top my steeds all the time. Around a year back I started using both the Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair and it has actually really helped strengthen my hair and even made mine hair longer. I obtain a lot of compliments on mine hair and also I believe it has actually something to do with her product. So…THANK YOU! Not just is mine hair healthy, however it even smells GREAT! :))

Jessica D., Queen Creek, AZ

I absolutely love your products!!! ideal shampoo and also conditioner ever!!!

Lauren L., Norristown, PA

I have been going through a the majority of stress the last number of years of mine life. I have read that high tension might cause or contribute to hair loss. Regardless, my hair has been thinning A lot of in the last number of years and also it is really worrying & scaring me, type of sad around it as well really. Anyhow, I have actually been play musical shampoos for as lengthy as I deserve to remember, the last several years, i have had actually to especially since every brand appears to one of two people not execute a an excellent job on my hair, or it stops doing a good job.

I discovered your product on one more internet search and I am sooooo HAPPY!!! I can afford it, I can buy it in ~ a keep close to home, the does not have wheat protein, the smells WONDERFUL, that does not make me itch, my hair feels and also looks clean and also GORGEOUS, and also I to be no longer finishing up v a brush complete of hair every morning & much less on mine head by the day! ns recommend this shampoo to anyone now! thank you sooooo MUCH!!!!