Niall Horan is the only 1D member without tattoos. Picture: Getty / PA

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each of the One Direction boys have tattoos. Picture: Getty

Luckily it to be Harry who dropped victim to the odds, admitting he to be “absolutely fine” about getting an additional inking.

When he establish it wasn’t him, Niall jumped up and also down screaming with relief.

And method back in 2014 the told Glamour UK he’s just too frightened to gain one.

“All the lads have screws ~ above them. I’m just too scared to execute it.”

Niall has actually felt this way for quite some time, telling Cambio 16 the year prior to in 2013 exactly how he’s “never feeling the need.”

However, the doesn’t typical the ‘Heartbreak Weather’ singer is against body art, often signing faithful fans’ eight so they can gain his signature permanently etched right into their skin.

And Niall's fear of the needle might be slowly easing, as in 'Nice to fulfill Ya' the sings: 'I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, ns swear'

He go briefly have a change of heart when One Direction walk on their hiatus in 2016 though, informing Fabulous newspaper he wanted a permanent reminder of his bandmates prior to they went their different ways.

Niall explained: “I’m definitely doing something about that since when we’re personally I recognize I’m walk to miss out on them.”

We're yet to see it though!

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