This weekend, statehooders in Puerto Rico will be celebrate the 4th of July and the independence of the joined States. There will certainly be American flags all over and fireworks will certainly light increase the sky prefer every city in the 50 states. I think there is something deeply wrong v that. Part have referred to as it the Stockholm Syndrome.

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During the breakthrough of the movie The last Colony, I obtained to discover a lot around the background of Puerto Rico and also it’s bizarre and often unfair connection with the united States.

If girlfriend ask me which standing option must Puerto Rico select in the next plebiscite, I would certainly personally vote for statehood (not one endorsement for the statehood party). I totally understand the things that space at stake if Puerto Rico becomes a state. The main one being losing the Puerto Rican national identity. With the present territorial status, Puerto Ricans have been may be to preserve a type of gray area of national identity—sometimes we room Puerto Ricans first, periodically we are Americans. The all counts on that you ask.

Some that the debates that have been offered to preserve the current territorial standing (commonwealth) has to do through our nationwide identity. Language is a an essential factor as soon as talking about national identity. With our language we room united together a nation of Puerto Ricans. Us speak in a method that no various other Spanish-speaking country does. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Unites states tried to change our nationwide language, even the island’s name was readjusted from Puerto Rico to Porto Rico. Make no mistake, the United states made every attempt to readjust Spanish top top the island and tried to make Puerto Ricans speak English. However, in the 21st century, ns don’t think the United states will make another direct effort to assimilate Puerto Ricans in such a grotesque and also forceful path if statehood is requested.


Other arguments around national identity that have been provided are Olympic representation and also beauty pageants. I have no trouble in losing our Olympic representation—I personal don’t watch or care much about sports. Furthermore, not being able to participate in the miss out on Universe pageant is now also less important than ever, many thanks to Donald Trump’s current comments. We must all rally against his dubious beauty, beauty pageant.

For a an excellent part the the 20th century, federal taxes incentives and also the notion that Puerto Rican’s don’t pay commonwealth taxes were long used together a pro-commonwealth argument. Those debates have now disappeared. Taxes incentives together as ar 936, i beg your pardon was provided to lure mostly pharmaceutical invest on the Island, are lengthy gone. Worse, these incentives were never ever under Puerto Rican control. Congress provided them to the territories and also Congress took them away. The left Puerto Rico without any tools to attract investment on the Island and also without the ability to negotiate v other countries without the approval that the joined States.

However, this is not about what Puerto Rico would shed or success if statehood is ever achieved. This is a reminder to all of those Puerto Ricans that will be celebrating the self-reliance of the United claims this weekend, that we have nothing come celebrate.

Puerto Rico was got into by the joined States. All initiatives to do Puerto Rico an independent country were blocked by the United says for end a century. Puerto Ricans have been mistreated by the United claims in many elements of life, very directly through unfair Medicaid therapy (we don’t gain the same amount we put in), by not having actually representation in ~ the greatest levels, and also not gift able to elect our commander-in-chief, among other colonial problems and also disparities.

The existing economic chaos in Puerto Rico that has actually been make headlines about the human being was produced by straight policies the the united States, such together unfair cabotage legislations which limit Puerto Rican business to the remainder of the world.

What defines our relationship with the U.S. Is a quick phrase composed by the can be fried Court: “Puerto Rico belonging to, but it is not part of the united States.” Let that sink in for a moment.

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For the next plebiscite, I would certainly vote because that statehood and also I hope the statehood finally and legitimately wins a plebiscite in Puerto Rico and we will be able to force congress to i think a place on the situation of Puerto Rico. Possibly they will provide us statehood, probably they won’t. Yet as a colony of the unified States, Puerto Ricans have actually nothing to celebrate ~ above the 4th of July.


Juan Agustín Márquez is a two-time Emmy-winning director. His recent attribute documentary The Last colony is a multifaceted conversation about the status concern in Puerto Rico. You deserve to follow him at