S-Curl is a trademark for grooming assets designed for males by Luster Company. There are different species of s-curl products. Both men and also women have the right to use the product although the cream form is designed with male scalps in mind and also their styling techniques. The hair products aid in loosening organic hair texture to fewer curl patterns and waves.

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1. Hair growth: S-Curl has advanced to fulfill the needs of the consumers. The assets offer maximum hair growth, manageability, and keep the hair shinning every day.

2. Retain moisture: S-Curl helps her hair retain moisture in stimulate to stop drying and also breakage of your hair. The products can cleanse, moisturize and also style herbal hair texture.

3. Curl hair: It deserve to be used throughout the locations where you want your hair to it is in curled. This provides you be curled in an S-pattern or a wave pattern right down the hair root. It leaves your hair with loose waves or curls.

4. Soft hair: When you usage s-curl in her hair, it will certainly feel soft and also look organic after the dries. No freeze of the hair.

5. Straightforward to comb: S-curl texturizers make your hair simple to comb and also style. It provides your hair a soft and also smooth feel.

6. Different looks: It allows you to style your hair to offer you various looks. You can maintain a natural-looking hairstyle and also the styles are manageable.

7. Range to pick from: There are various S-curl commodities to pick from in the market. You might decide to usage the crème relaxer, spray, gel, or any type of other product to save your hair moisturized and wavy.

8. Less time come style: Once you use s-curl commodities on your hair, it will take you 2-3 minute to layout the hair and have a neat and also sleek look. Without it, friend will more than likely spend 15 come 20 minute trying to style your hair.

9. Much less shrinkage: If you have actually afro-textured hair the shrinks after every wash, s-curl will help you alleviate your hair shrinkage and it disclosure hair growth.

10. Boost hair manageability: S-curl texturizer can make her hair controllable especially if you have actually coarse or special hair. The texturizer relaxes the hair strands and this renders it simple to manipulate the hair follow to her liking.


1. Save chemicals: Although the product might be labeling it’s natural, it consists of some chemicals which are not great for your scalp.Chemicals in s-curl texturizer space not very solid compared to those in a relaxer.

2. Damaged hair: When applying the s-curl crème, you need to follow the instructions. Leaving it for longer will result in over-processed hair and also this may bring about damaged hair. It leaves the damaged hair straight instead of being curly.

3. Irreversible process: Just favor a relaxer, one S-curl texturizer is a permanent procedure that requirements to be excellent from time to time depending upon the brand-new growth rate of your hair.

4. Pipeline scalp dry: If girlfriend don’t follow instructional materials, s-curl have the right to leave her scalp dry and itching. If no moisturizer is used, the hair may end up being dry and also flaky.

5. Adjust hair color: Continuous usage of the texturizer might turn your shade to either brown or dark burgundy rather of the natural black color.

6. Strands get weaker: The chemicals supplied in the product may impact the strands based upon you want to style the hair. This makes the strands weaker.

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7. Break-up ends: When your strands gain weaker and the scalp dries, the will an outcome in hair wrong or some break-up ends.


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