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utilizing urine in your skin-care routine is a gutsy move.

The squeamish need not apply to test drive this acne treatment. Urine therapy involves capturing your very own pee and using it together a mask. Followers say the urea, one organic link naturally found in urine, helps to condition this skin.

This can sound favor something your older sister tells you simply to watch if you"ll try it, however real dermatologists seem to have given urine therapy, or at the very least urea treatments, your seal the approval.

"It"s actually not as disgusting together it sounds," dermatologist Whitney Bowe called Refinery29. "I recommend and also prescribe different concentrations the urea, among the main materials of urine, all the moment for mine patients. The hydrates the skin and helps exfoliate far dead cells, offering skin a brighter appearance, smoother texture, and also a healthy glow."


part argue the snail slime is calming. Wikimedia Commons

Good news for gardeners: snail slime can be the skincare salvation your acne has been waiting for.

First popularized in Korea, snail mucin skin treatments purport to treat acne by restoring damaged tissue and keeping skin moisturized, follow to PopSugar. Though it walk sound out of the box, some folks seem to really consider it an effective treatment for acne. However, snail mucin pimple treatments aren"t a sure thing just yet.

"There is some speculation the the mucin in these slime creams deserve to be anti-inflammatory and calming," co-director of the Washington institute of Dermatologic Laser surgical treatment Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi called The daily Mail. "However, there room no respected clinical studies to prove that it in reality works. For now, I remain skeptical."


charcoal tar is a well-known exfoliant, but it might be also harsh for your face. Reuters/Jason Lee

Coal tar has actually actually been offered by dermatologists for over 100 years. It"s efficient in dealing with dandruff and psoriasis, but some human being claim it also works wonders on acne by removed dead skin cells and slowing the expansion of new skin cells that might trap bacteria beneath the skin, follow to Livestrong.

While the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis association does say that mild coal tar assets should it is in OK for usage on facial skin, WebMD warns that coal tar subject liquid have to not be provided anywhere but the hair and scalp.


Windex is finest used because that cleaning windows. Windex

In a move straight the end of "My big Fat Greek Wedding," Windex (yes, the blue ingredient in the spray bottle) is an acne treatment some human being swear by, according to really Well Health.

Believers hold that the cleaning liquid somehow dries the end their spots. However, Windex is highly alkaline and also filled through volatile chemicals the can conveniently irritate the skin. In fact, the material Safety Data Sheet for Windex specifically cautions users to avoid obtaining the product on your skin.

It's not tough to achieve banana peels for your beauty needs. Roland Tanglao/Flickr

Bananas space rich resources of vitamins A, B, and also C, all of which may aid to hit inflammation in the body. Advocates of making use of banana peels ~ above the skin say that the anti-inflammatory results of bananas occupational wonders externally as well. Stylecraze even reported that adding an egg yolk come mashed banana peel makes for a pimple-curing paste.

It turns out that some anecdotal evidence has displayed that it works for some users.

Luckily, it"s not dangerous or expensive to obstacle a few banana peels on her skin, therefore this is one inexplicable skin treatment that can be precious a shot.

Prepare to invest a the majority of money for a yellow facial. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Now, this is a beauty treatment a roman inn emperor might get behind. If you desire to endure the ultimate in luxury skincare, shot a gold leaf facial.

The theory behind coating her skin in ultra-thin sheets of gold is that the steel counteracts totally free radicals in the skin, strengthens elastin, and promotes cabinet growth. It additionally is assumed to have actually some beneficial effects once it concerns reducing inflammation and fighting breakouts, follow to just how Stuff Works.

If you want to experience a challenge full the gold because that yourself, be prepared to drop between $400 and $1,000. When you"re not guaranteed to walk out v perfect skin, you"ll definitely feel prefer a million bucks.

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Some believe giving up sex is the key to clear skin. iStock

Besides being the least fun beauty beauty advice around, some people believe that abstaining indigenous sex and also masturbation might assist clear troubled skin. The theory, follow to dealing with Acne, is the the relax of hormones triggered by sex can cause increased oil manufacturing in the skin, thus leading come acne.

While it"s true the acne deserve to be tied come hormones prefer testosterone, and also sexual arousal can increase the level of certain hormones in the body, there is no proof that abstaining from sex will certainly have any type of effect your acne, according to MSD.

You might be better off difficult to more conventional treatments. Photocheaper/Shutterstock

This treatment definitely falls under the "just use every little thing is in your medicine cabinet" classification of acne treatment.

According to clinical Daily, some people apparently think that applying a mask the Pepto-Bismol adhered to by a toner of Listerine helps protect against their breakouts. If Listerine does have actually antiseptic properties, it"s complete of additives and harsh alcohols that have the right to be excessively drying and also harsh ~ above the skin.

And if Pepto-Bismol go contain beta hydroxyl acid and also salicylic acid, ingredients that are known to prevent pimples, you"re probably much better off just picking increase skin-care commodities that save on computer those ingredients and are also formulated for usage on the skin.