Mail in 1–5 company Days; little Packages in 1–3 business Days

First-Class Mail® organization is an affordable and also easy method to send envelopes and also lightweight packages. First-Class letter Forever® stamps price $0.58 (the present 1 oz price) and will never ever expire, even if the First-Class™ postage price goes up. For packages (up come 13 oz), prices begin at $4.30.

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Features & Pricing

Mail delivered in 1–5 company daysSmall packages ceded in 1–3 company daysBest priced company for items approximately 13 ozInsurance for loss or damage up come $5,000 because that merchandise onlyEligible for distribution confirmation solutions such as Certified Mail®One price for as much as 3.5 ounces through commercially priced letters and also cardsPrices based on shape and weight

Standard Letter & Postcard SizesSee insurance allowance & Extra Services


Standard-sized, rectangular envelope stamps begin at $0.58.Square, oversized, or unusually shame envelope stamps start at $0.88.


Standard-sized, rectangular postcard stamps begin at $0.40.Oversized postcards need letter stamps, which begin at $0.58.

Large Envelopes/Small Packages:

Large envelopes (flats) begin at $1.16.Small packages start at $4.30.

Weight & shape Requirements

Maximum weight for First-Class Mail letter is 3.5 oz; for huge First-Class letter envelopes and parcels, the maximum load is 13 oz.

The® Price Calculator device will display you how to measure your envelope and then calculate your domestic postage costs for you.

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Mailing restrictions & Prohibitions

There are details regulations and also standards because that mailing restricted, prohibited, and hazardous materials, consisting of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Domestically minimal & prohibited Items

Learn more about what items you may and may no mail in ~ the U.S.

Domestic Shipping restrictions & Restrictions

For Businesses understands what"s most important to our business customers: speed, affordability, security, and customer service. We help businesses administer these services and also resources to your customers in ~ discounted rates.

Data-Driven Shipping

First-Class letter is targetable, trackable (with details extra services), and measurable, giving a wide range of alternatives for businesses. With address correction and also forwarding services, her messages will reach a higher percentage of your target audience.

Commercial prices & Automation Discounts

Bulk Discounts. First-Class mail commercial pricing is available for presorted letters, flats, and also packages v a minimum quantity of 500 mailpieces. Automation discounts may also apply.

Eligibility needs for Automation Discounts

One Price up to 3.5 Ounces.

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salary one price for approximately 3.5 oz because that First-Class letter presort and automation compatible letters and cards. This is a cost-effective way for enterprise to encompass promotional messages with bills, invoices, and statements. The one price for approximately 3.5 oz price is no a combined rate and does not apply First-Class mail single-piece letters.