Don’t Cry is a track by the hard rock band firearms N Roses. It has actually mainly 2 versions- initial and alternate lyrics in the albums usage Your Illusion I and also Use her Illusion II. Both albums were released on the very same day 17 September 1991. There is a third version too, which to be recorded during the Appetite for damage sessions in 1986. The original and also the alternating versions have different lyrics except the chorus. The tune and the rhythm is pretty lot the exact same in both the versions.

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Axl spoke about the story behind the tune saying that it was about a girl the Izzy Stradlin was in a partnership with. Axl, additionally happened to be in love through her. Izzy and also the girl broke up after part time. The girl realised the Axl remained in love through her and also told him that the partnership would not job-related with him too. Axl probably started crying later on and the girl told that to no cry. The next night Izzy and also Axl wrote the tune in 5 minutes. The girl is tattoed ~ above Axl’s arm.

It to be a girl that Izzy had gone the end with, and I was really attracted come her, and also they split up. I was sitting exterior the Roxy, and also I was really in love through this person and she to be realising this no gonna job-related – she wanted to do various other things, and she was informing me goodbye and I satellite down and just began crying, and she was telling me, ‘Don’t cry.’ The next night, we got together and wrote the tune in five minutes.

Axl Rose

Axl admits that Don’t Cry to be the first song castle (Axl and Izyy) created for weapons N Roses and also at that the band was not formed yet was coming into reality. This song was one of the reasons why the band obtained signed. Civilization in LA who were your fans ever due to the fact that they had actually been playing in clubs were bummed the they didn’t put this tune on the record. The band thought about this track to be one of their ace cards and they were trying to conserve it for later cause at the time lock didn’t know if they would even sell 5 documents as Axl explains.

Slash likewise spoke around the track saying it was the an initial time that collaborated with an additional guitarist.

When I first hooked up back together v Axl and Izzy, that was the songIzzy and Axl were functioning on. So that was my an initial having to address another guitar player. It was on don’t Cry. Ns going toIzzy’s house and hanging out with him to shot and build up some type of a chemistry. So that song is actually pretty classic in mine mind.


Music Video

Certain scenes in the music video were motivated by Axl’s partnership with Erin Everly (Axl’s ex wife). This music scene were an overwhelming for him to perform reason they influenced him emotionally.


v our video for “Don’t Cry,” and also the hit thatStephanie Seymour, (Axl’s then-current girlfriend) and also I had over the gun, girlfriend don’t necessarily understand what’s going on. However in actual life that happened with Erin Everly (Axl’s ex-wife) and also myself. I was going come shoot myself. We combated over the gun and I ultimately let she win. Ns was kind of holy ghost crippled after ~ that. Before shooting our documentary, i said, “This seems really hard, ’cause it really happened.” and also the night we created the scene, my girlfriend Josh said, “Okay, just how are girlfriend going to play that?” He want to rehearse and I was like, “Look, leave me alone.” but he maintained pushing until, finally, i stood up. I had actually this cigarette lighter that looked choose a genuine gun and I said, “Look, I’m gonna execute it prefer this.” and also I simply went over and also slammed approximately in the hallway a bit and also threw the gun and also said, “Is that an excellent enough because that you?”

Axl increased

An interesting component of the video clip is a sign held by someone titled “Where’s Izzy”. Izzy Stradlin to be technically quiet a component of the band as soon as the band was filming the video in September 1991. The did not appear in the video clip as that was versus high budget productions and called the multi million dollar video ‘a pointless indulgence’. Izzy was probably contemplating his exit and also left the tape in November the same year.

Shannon Hoon was also a part of the video clip and have the right to be viewed singing follow me in the chorus.


Slash is steering a 1966 Shelby GT 350 H and also the girl that he drives off the cliff is named Brighdie Grounds. The various other actresses encompass Stephanie Seymour, Claire Stansfield and Dylan Tays. Click below to watch the cast for the Don’t Cry video.

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So, that was all around the tune ‘Don’t Cry’.