Crafting is quite a tricky mechanic in Inquisition which takes a while to understand. Moreover, friend need knowledge of the attribute device to fully utilize it.

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Schematics is what allows you to craft a specific item. There are various tiers: 1-3. The 3rd tier is the highest. The 4th tier is only accessible on DLCs. Third-tier schematics are reasonably expensive, for this reason think around who will be making use of the equipment prior to buying them.


Ways to achieve schematics:


Merchant near the fountain in Val Royeaux

Dwarf bookseller in Redcliffe

Merchant in Emprise du Lion (fort)

Hissing Wasters - western camp merchant

Looted indigenous chests, containers, enemies

Quest completion

War table operations

Equipment type

There room two major equipment varieties that deserve to be crafted, which likewise contain craftable upgrades for empty slots:

Weapon – used to transaction damage: daggers, bows, staves, etc

Grip or haft – enhances stats of her weapon based on materials you usage for crafting.

Pommel or blade – based upon what products you use provides various stats increases.

Runes – runes have the right to provide big increases to DPS. They can work on specific varieties of enemies, favor living, dragons, or undead. Also, few of them boost elemental damages which might be in its entirety the best choice.

Armor – changes your look at and also provides rises defense. Armors likewise come with upgrade slots:

Arms increases stats of the armor, by the materials that were used for upgrade

Legs also boost armor stats, relies on the materials that were used for the upgrade


Getting materials

Now that you have schematics, friend will need materials. You must be collecting everything that you find. Likewise if girlfriend have sufficient gold you have the right to buy few of them at black color Emporium.

Types of materials

Metal – ores that you find: steel ore, obisidian, onyx, etc.

Cloth – cotton, dragon webbing, lambswool, etc.

Leather – be afflicted with hide, bronto hide, nugskin, etc.

Materials are straightforward to obtain, have actually in mental the greater tier that is the bigger rise your equipment will get

Crafting window

Once you have schematics, friend are all set to craft. There will be slot that administer different benefits to the item that you choose to craft


Damage and also Armor – this is the basic slot the the item will certainly get. Using greater tier materials provides a enlarge boost.

Offense – provides offensive bonuses: increased damages to barriers, an essential damage, critical rate, etc. The best one that ns recommend is check if the slot accepts Cloth type materials. This is important because materials like Plaidweave carry out a straight increase to attack, which results in greater DPS

Utility – primary attribute increase. If you are a Mage, Cloth will provide bonuses to willpower and also magic. For Warrior, Metal affects strength and constitution. Because that rogue, Leather: cunning and dexterity.

Defense – this is an armor slot for armors and their upgrades. Offers increased protective capabilities: an ext health, melee defense, and also chance come stagger. Ns think it has its narrow uses, but you have to avoid it as it does not increase your damage.

Masterwork – is unlocked later on in the game. It is a facility slot. There room two species of materials that you deserve to use: Fade touched and Critical.

Fade-touched – carry out some bonuses which apply temporarily or on details conditions, like increased magic after a kill.

Critical – these administer a opportunity for critical crafting. This way that it might create an item with further boosted stats. As soon as using them I would recommend a fast save.

Choosing what come use

So crafting have the right to be overwhelming, yet there deserve to be part simplifications to be made, i beg your pardon you deserve to follow to make a decent crafted gear. Follow this priority list:

Offense slots. Take metal or Cloth because that direct damage increase: attack%. However, in more advanced builds and late game, rise to an important damage and chance may be better. In this case, use Leather attack slots.

Utility slot: this counts on her class and also what materials you have on hand. Typically going for class qualities is a decent idea:

Mage cloth. Willpower, and also magic. Look closely to what benefits they provide. Because that example, if you view that cotton offers +6 willpower contrasted to Ring velvet provides +6 magic and +3 willpower take the latter. Overall, Ring Velvet will provide higher increase to damage.

Rogue leather. Dexterity and cunning. Dexterity might be far better as the provides an increase in an essential damage. And you will have a normally high crucial chance later in the game

Warrior metal. Right here it is a little tricky. You need to aim for strength and constitution (especially this one if you are a tank). However, the constitution does not provide damage bonus. One alternative could it is in using, energy slot with towel - willpower, which increases magic defense and attack, for all classes consisting of warriors.

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Defense: walk for Metal as this increases your hp, and also gives an ext melee defense, overall the finest choice. Leather and also cloth room the worst and also provides some resistance and also ranged defense. I do not recommend this slot and shot to protect against it

Masterwork: I put it last as it depends on her playstyle what product you would certainly use. In situation you arrangement to usage critical-crafting material, don’t forget to usage quicksave before crafting, come reload if that fails.

Sum up

Thank you for reading. Do really helped me against the fight through Ferelden Frostback. I made details equipment to make use of its weakness: low cold resistance. You deserve to use assorted materials: metal, cloth, animal leather to create an item for her needs