What do you get when a squirrel walks into a tree? one expression with unfortunate implications.

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Every language has its very own unique transforms of phrase that define everyday points in figurative, idiom language.

English, as we all know, is no exception. Ever seen a pig in a poke? How about a fish the end of water? Told somebody that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

Today, we’ll take a look at a different animal-related idiom, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut when in a while.”

What is the an interpretation of “even a remote squirrel find a nut when in a while”?

“Even a blind squirrel find a nut once in a while” is an expression provided to speak that even an unreliable person have the right to succeed sometimes and that succeeding as soon as doesn’t prove someone is reliable.

The saying is ableist, therefore it’s much better to usage “even a quit clock is right twice a day” instead.

Of squirrels and also nuts

At the main point of this idiom is the reality that 설 설 eat nuts. Together a result, a squirrel that can’t find nuts can’t eat and also may die.

This means that the many successful squirrel is the one that deserve to most easily uncover nuts.

On the various other hand, squirrels that struggle to find nuts aren’t reliable. Castle can’t it is in trusted.

Now take this metaphor into real life. Some civilization are effective squirrels, recognize metaphorical nuts v ease as they complete assigned tasks.

Others space not so good and might struggle to accomplish anything at all for a selection of reasons.

In this expression, the word “blind” is supplied to present unreliability and also accompanying surprise once someone (squirrel or person) does succeed.

Unfortunately, this is where “even a blind squirrel find a nut when in a while” runs right into trouble. Let’s take it a brief digression come talk around the ableism in ~ the love of this expression.

A note on ableism

Ableism, if you’re not acquainted with the word, is discrimination versus people v disabilities.

In this case, the expression has some quite ableist language, assuming the blindness is such a debilitating handicap that also squirrels can’t be successful and also survive if they’re blind.

Although blind animals probably perform have shorter lifespans, the problem is that utilizing this sort of language likewise implies you feeling the same way about blind people.

Of course, that’s more than likely not the case, but if you use this saying, you operation the hazard of human being assuming you’re ableist.

To be on the for sure side, and to protect against inadvertently insulting blind individuals, it’s much better to usage “even a stopped clock is ideal twice a day,” i beg your pardon is explained below.

How to use “even a blind squirrel find a nut once in a while”

Back to the expression in question, it should be pretty clear by now just how to usage it in a conversation.

To make it explicit, though, this is an expression you have the right to trot the end to present that you’re not impressed by someone doing something.

In fact, it states you’re so much from impressed the you think castle must have succeeded with sheer chance because they’re usually completely unreliable.

Think of that coworker that constantly messes up the easiest of tasks. A auto you’ve been adhering to for a few miles that’s run 3 stops signs in a row.

If any of these civilization suddenly walk something right, you might use this expression to note your surprise and also reinforce the fact that you think they’re tho useless.

To it is in honest, it’s no a really nice expression also if you collection aside the ableist language.


“I’ve spent all year do the efforts to obtain the mailman to provide packages in ~ the ago door instead of leaving lock on mine porch to obtain stolen. Yesterday he actually did, and also I believed he’d ultimately got it. Yet then this particular day he went back to putting them the end front.”“Well, ns guess even a blind squirrel find a nut once in a while.”
“Mom! I gained a 100 top top my mathematics exam!”“Wow. Also a blind squirrel finds a nut as soon as in a while, huh?”

These dialogues present other examples of a human who’s normally unreliable periodically succeeding in ~ a task.

As you deserve to see native the last instance especially, it’s in reality a pretty median expression to use.

Similar expression to “even a remote squirrel finds a nut as soon as in a while”

“Even a remote squirrel finds a nut once in a while” isn’t the only expression in town. Below are some others to try out.

Even a remote pig can find an acorn as soon as in a while

In this expression, the squirrel has actually been replaced by a pig and also the seed by one acorn, yet otherwise nothing has changed. However, this variation of the speak is regrettably still ableist.

Even a quit clock is right twice a day

A clock confront has 12 hrs printed ~ above it, v a minute and also hour hand that suggest to the current time. Due to the fact that each job goes v the bicycle of hrs twice, even a clock that has actually no batteries will still end up pointing come the exactly time double a day.

This expression still indicates that prospering at something periodically isn’t really special, yet it does so in a means that uses no ableist language in ~ all due to the fact that it’s talking around clocks that don’t work instead of making use of a special needs as a synonym because that failure and unreliability.

Every dog must have its day

This expression method that anyone succeeds sometimes yet doesn’t indicate scorn. Instead, it’s used to encourage people to keep trying until they success or have actually a streak of good luck.

The scientific research behind exactly how squirrels find hidden food

Given the an interpretation of this expression as “even an unreliable human being sometimes succeeds,” it’s ironic the squirrels don’t actually depend on sight much to find food.

Instead, it transforms out that most squirrels detect your food by smell, v the eastern gray squirrel able come find buried food under as lot as a foot that snow.

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Blind squirrels might still confront increased danger of being eaten by predators, however when it concerns finding their own food they’re simply as reliable as any type of other type.