Literary problems are another significant element regularly taught during ELA units. Building on prior knowledge to achieve mastery level v our student is important. Terrific way to emphasis on the various varieties of literary dispute is through storyboarding. Having actually students choose an instance of every Literary conflict and depict it utilizing the storyboard creator is a great way come reinforce her lesson!

In Romeo and also Juliet, problem is not only present, but also vital recurring element. Lot of the conflict arises native the haste the love-struck Romeo and his rash decisions. Other problems arise from concealed secrets, most notably the Friar"s concealment that Romeo and Juliet"s marriage. An alert the instances from the storyboard above:

Romeo and also Juliet Literary problem Examples


MAN vs. SELFRomeo is at war within self over rejected feel of deep love. His words, "Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, noble health, Still-waking sleep, that not what it is!" mirrors his conflicted state.

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Mercutio is a comparison to Romeo. Uneven his friend, the laughs in ~ society"s concept of love. In his "Queen Mab" speech, that constructs a satire the Romeo"s love and dreams. The quote, "O, then, I watch Queen Mab on foot been through you... She gallops night by night... With lovers’ brains, and also then they dream the love!” exemplifies Mercutio"s sarcastic nature. That is aimed in ~ the love-struck Romeo, who is exhilaration naive, rash, and impatient.


Romeo death Tybalt the end of revenge. The quote, "Curse you Romeo!" has actually multiple interpretations. It mainly illustrates this man vs. Guy conflict; however, it additionally foreshadows Romeo’s cursed fate solidifies Romeo together a disastrous hero.

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Student Instructions

Create a storyboard that reflects three develops of literary problem in Romeo and Juliet.

Click "Start Assignment".Identify conflicts in Romeo and also Juliet.Categorize each problem as character vs. Character, character vs. Self, character vs. Society, personality vs. Nature, or Character vs. Technology.Illustrate disputes in the cells, using characters from the play.Write a brief description that the conflict below the cell.
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Grade Level 9-10

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing come Mastery)

Type that Assignment separation, personal, instance or Partner

Type of Activity: types of literary Conflict

Common main point Standards


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species of Literary conflict Rubric
competent 17 points arising 14 point out beginning 11 point out try Again 8 clues

Conflict Identification
Student identify correct significant conflict and uses strong, clean textual proof to support choice.Student includes at the very least two clear examples of plot clues that room a direct cause of the significant conflict category.
Student identify correct major conflict and also uses couple of or unclear details to support their choice.Student has one clear example of plot points that are a direct cause of the significant conflict category.
Student identifies incorrect major conflict, and also uses part details native the message to support their choice.Student has only pass out or poorly described examples of plot points that room a direct cause of conflict.
Student does no attempt come identify major conflict or identify incorrect major conflict v no explanation.Student does no include any type of examples that plot points that space a direct reason of conflict.
Understanding Outcome
Student clearly shows the outcome of the conflict and also its effects on the protagonist with proof from the text.
Student mirrors the outcome of the conflict and its impact on the protagonist, yet some proof is unclear.
Student shows the result of the conflict, however does not study its result on the protagonist and also uses part vague textual evidence.
Student walk not clearly show the result of the dispute or usage textual evidence.
Student contains at the very least one quote, with ideal punctuation and page #, from the message that deals straight with the events presented in the storyboard.
Student includes at the very least one quote, but it is not directly relevant come the events presented in the storyboard, or has an error in punctuation, page #, etc.
Student includes quote, however it consists of errors or is no at all connected to occasions presented in the storyboard.
Student does not encompass a quote.
Storyboard has all required characters and plainly names them. Goes above and past by adding details or name of extr characters.
Storyboard includes all forced characters, clearly named.
Storyboard consists of protagonist and antagonist but leaves the end other compelled characters.
Storyboard go not include the name of compelled characters.
Student plainly shows effort to convey the setting the step of the book
Student attempts to convey setup and scene of the book, yet lacks part clarity.
Student does not plainly convey the setup and scene.
Student makes tiny or no attempt to convey the setting or scene.
Spelling and Grammar
Student provides exemplary spelling and also grammar. There room no errors.
Student provides a minor error in spelling and grammar.
Student renders several minor errors in spelling and grammar.
Student makes many errors in spelling and grammar; little attempt in ~ spellchecking.
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