Welcome to our nottard of Literary methods IRONY post. This write-up gives a thorough explanation of one of the countless techniques friend can uncover in our Glossary that Literary methods for analysing written texts.

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Students generally ask the complying with questions around irony:

What is irony?How is irony various to satire or parody?Is there only one type of irony?How do I analyse texts for irony?How execute I define what irony does?

In this post, we explain what irony is. Us look in ~ the different types of irony, and also explain exactly how they work and differ native one another. We discuss how the represents meaning and also relates to principles like parody and also satire. Finally, us walk you through a step-by-step process for writing about it in your responses.

Table of Contents

1. What is Irony?3. How Does Irony Work?3. Just how to Analyse Irony4. Just how to differentiate the types of Irony – Flowchart5. How to Analyse verbal Irony – Step-by-Step6. How to Analyse Situational Irony – Step-by-Step7. How come Analyse structure Irony – Step-by-Step8. How come Analyse Dramatic Irony – Step-by-Step9. What Next?


Literary Techniques: Irony

Irony is a technique that is very commonly used and also a powerful technique. The is an essential part that the humour in parody and satire.

Without irony, there would be no sarcasm.

Irony come in three wide forms:

situational,structural, andverbal.

Let’s have actually a closer look at what irony is and also the various forms it takes.

What is Irony?

Irony is among the most vital techniques in all literature.

There are four broad types of irony we shall problem ourselves with:

The ranges of Irony
Type the IronyFeatures of form of IronyExample of Irony
Verbal IronyA type of irony as soon as a statement leader to a sense of irony. When a sentence expresses concepts or feelings that would traditionally mean something else or the opposite.A character says, “Thanks very much!” in solution to a waiter spilling a drink ~ above them.

Clearly, they are not happy around this.

Situational IronyA type of irony the occurs as soon as a situation leads to a feeling of irony. As soon as a declare or situation conveys something the is incongruous in between what the setting is and what a character would be meant to to speak or do.A character at sea observes they space surrounded by water prior to lamenting over there is nothing to drink.
Structural IronyA type of irony that is conveyed by a text’s structure. This is a an approach most generally found onward indigenous nineteenth-century literature and is signified by attributes like naive or unreliable narrators and also ambiguous texts.A character navigates a message thinking and proclaiming that they space really smart and insightful, while their continuous mistakes mark them as being an extremely naive.
Dramatic IronyA type of structural irony specific to dramatic texts. Dramatic irony attributes by having actually the audience become aware of part idea, event, or thing that the character(s) room not conscious of. This is a means of arising tension in stage plays, operas, TV shows, contemporary video games, and also films.A character notifies the audience the they will certainly play the rogue in a play, but the remainder of the characters are shocked when the personality is revealed to it is in evil.

Clearly, irony is a facility thing. To better understand it and how it works, let’s have actually a look at the various broad species of it we encounter in literature and texts.

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