Poe provides such numbers of speech together similes, images, personification, pathetic fallacy, alliteration, consonance, and punning in "The loss of the home of Usher." These help create a atmosphere of sewage dreariness, oppression, and anxiety.

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Poe has his narrator employ a simile together he heads towards the residence of Usher. The narrator compares the depression the feels come the "after-dream the the reveller ~ above opium"—in various other words, the crash that adheres to a medicine trip. This conveys a lively sense—even to one who doesn"t use drugs—of...

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Poe has his narrator employ a simile together he heads toward the house of Usher. The narrator to compare the depression the feels to the "after-dream that the reveller top top opium"—in various other words, the crash that adheres to a medicine trip. This conveys a vivid sense—even come one who doesn"t use drugs—of just how desolate the narrator feels.

The imagery throughout the story is vivid and also relentlessly reinforces the the atmosphere of dreariness, gloom, and anxious foreboding the permeates the story. For example, the narrator uses visual imagery as he says he looked on:

the simple landscape functions of the domain—upon the bleak walls—upon the vacant eye-like windows—upon a couple of rank sedges—and upon a few white trunks the decayed trees.

The "eye-like windows" are an instance of personification or treating the home as if the is alive favor a person.

The narrator likewise uses the pathetic fallacy, i beg your pardon is once the weather shows a character"s state of psychic or feeling. In this case, the "clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens" specifically mirror the narrator"s oppressed perspective as he comes close come the house throughout a barren landscape.

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Alliteration and also consonance are generally used literary tools that develop a feeling of rhythm through the repetition of words start with the exact same consonants or utilizing the exact same consonants in ~ words. An example would it is in the following, with repeated "l" sounds:

a black and lurid tarn the lay in unruffled lustre

Poe also puns on "house that Usher," utilizing it to average both the home itself as a physics structure and the family members lineage that the Ushers.

Literacy devices such as personification float on the sheet of ending up being literalized in the story: the house does it seems ~ to have actually a mythological "life" the is tied come the resides of the Ushers—this additionally adds resonance to the pun ~ above the "House of Usher."