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Today, ns heard who remark "He folded like a cheap suit" (meaning he provided up easily...without a struggle). It"s actually fairly common and also I"ve heard it countless times yet it doesn"t yes, really seem to make a many sense. I always understood the expression to it is in "folded choose a cheap suitcase". That one appears pretty right forward. A cheap piece of luggage would be an ext likely to fold or not organize up and also a an ext expensive one would. Over there is an expression ("like a cheap suit") that explains someone or other unwelcome, hanging on friend (literally or figuratively). A clinging girl friend or an opposing football player can hang on friend "like a cheap suit". That one makes sense come me. I doubt these 2 sayings have become mixed up. That folds a suit and why would certainly a cheap one fold any kind of easier than and also expensive one would? I"ve additionally heard the "cheap suit" expression supplied to describe being "all in" or in finish agreement. "Let"s walk for Chinese food""I"m all over that like a cheap suit"I"m no really certain if that one functions or not however it"s no as confusing as the similar:"Let"s go for Chinese food""I"m in favor a dirty shirt"I invested a little bit of time Googling other people"s take on these expressions yet then I simply folded favor a potato.

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I reckon ns live top top the wrong side of the pond for every one of those. "Cheap suit" and "cheap suitcase" are foreign to me. For this reason is "dirty shirt", return I have actually heard "dirty shit" many of times...

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I m through Phil. I have actually never heard something to do with cheap suits. Something have the right to be almost everywhere you favor a decision I grant you, but never a suit.