The Ford edge is a mid-size, 5-seater crossover SUV. It rides top top a car-based platform common with its high-end twin Lincoln MKX, as well as Mazda CX-9. The Edge uses a heavy feel with sporty handling and a smooth ride. The 2011 and also newer Ford edge Sport v a 3.7L V6 is just one of the quickest SUVs.

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2012 Ford sheet interior.
The driver"s seat is comfortable and also supportive, return the big center console renders the legroom a little bit tight. The rear seat room is more than adequate. Behind seatbacks fold down giving the sheet 68.9 cu. Ft. Of nearly flat cargo space. The 2011 facelift lugged a modification front and also rear fascia, a lot upgraded interior and accessible MyFord Touch with an 8-inch touchscreen. The 2.0L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine has actually been included for 2012, yet is only available with front-wheel drive. A supplied Ford edge is not really expensive, yet is it a an excellent choice? What space the pros and also cons and reported problems to watch the end for?
Problems: Power transport unit (PTU) failures and leaks have been reported by plenty of owners. The PTU is a compact transfer case in the AWD system. It"s attached come the transmission and has a few gears within to angle the rotating torque towards the behind differential.
2011 Ford Edge.
2008 Ford edge interior.

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It"s not a an extremely expensive repair, however there space a few reports the the trouble came earlier after the repair. There space plenty the YouTube videos relenten the problem and also repair options. This thread in ~ discusses the issue. Some owners suggest cleaning and lubricating the latch v a spray. Among our friends had this problem with his 2012 Edge and he replaced the driver"s door latch ($130 part) the was faulty himself. A dealer may charge $400-$500 because that the replacement. Ford has actually issued several recalls for the Edge; examine on the NHTSA website. V6 Engine choices: The 2007-2010 edge comes through a 265-hp 3.5L Duratec 35 V6. Because that 2011, the 3.5L V6 gained much more power (285 horsepower). The 2011-2014 Ford Edge sport is powered by the 305-hp 3.7L Duratec 37 V6. Both are solid DOHC engines provided in countless Ford and Lincolnvehicles and also in some Mazda products. EcoBoost 2.0L: For 2012, the Edge received an optional fuel-efficient 240-hp 2.0L EcoBoost engine v front-wheel drive. It"s a gasoline turbocharged direct-injected (GTDI) 4-cylinder motor. You can find it not only in numerous Ford vehicles however even in some Volvo and selection Rover products. Together with any kind of turbo engine, it demands to be preserved well come last. read also: Pros and also cons of purchase a auto with a Turbocharger. And also straight Injection: how it works, pros and cons. Timing belt or timing chain? The 3.5L and also 3.7L V6s, as well as the 2.0L EcoBoost have actually a time chain. A timing chain doesn"t must be replaced unless it"s extended or over there is some other trouble with it. Fuel Economy: The 2012-2014 FWD Edge v the 2.0L EcoBoost engine is the many fuel efficient trim level; the EPA prices it in ~ 21/29 mpg. The 2011-2014 AWD Ford Edge through a 3.5L V6 it s okay 18/25 mpg city/highway, giving it a selection of as much as 437 mile (703 km) top top a tank that gas. The 2011-2014 AWD Ford leaf Sport through a 3.7L V6 is rated at 17/23 mpg. Pros: Stylish sporty looks, funny to drive, reasonable price, solid engine, cargo space, smooth ride. Cons: Thirsty, high-quality to store at higher mileage, minimal visibility in the corners, a large center console takes away driver"s space, electrical and PTU issues, MyFord Touch bugs, 22-inch tires in the Ford edge Sport room expensive to replace. Overall: The Edge is just one of the few SUVs that you can enjoy driving, return it"s no the many reliable choice. Together of September 2021, consumer Reports rates just the 2010 and 2014 sheet "above average" because that reliability; various other years that this generation space rated "average" or "below average". Some of the problems might be costly to fix at greater mileage. We also checked the NHTSA website and also there is a spike in complaints about electrical difficulties in the 2011-2013 Edge. Still, a an excellent deal of Ford leaf owner evaluate online space positive. Many owners compliment the styling, driving experience, power, MyFord Touch features and also safety. Overall, a front-wheel journey Edge will be less expensive to keep in the lengthy run. The V6 engine is draft so the the water pump is constructed inside and also is thrust by a time chain. If a water pump fails, it"s expensive come replace and the coolant might leak into the crankcase. That said, we have seen a V6 engine last for over 200K miles and also the variety of engine-related complaints is little compared to various other cars. Considering that and also other issues, once buying a used Ford Edge, a good extended vouch at the very least for the powertrain is worth considering. Crash check ratings space mixed. Examine on the NHTSA website. How does the leaf AWD device work? All-wheel drive is easily accessible only v a V6. It"s an on-demand AWD system based upon front-wheel drive, which method front wheels room powered at every times. An electronically managed clutch located in the rear differential engages the behind axle once needed. Us didn"t shot off-roading, however with good winter tires the mechanism works well in the snow. Among the main components of the AWD device is a tiny transfer situation (power move unit or PTU), i beg your pardon is attached to the transmission. As with any type of AWD system, it"s vital to use just tires the the same size, save the push up to the specs and rotate the tires often to make sure they are wearing evenly. The oil in the behind differential and transfer unit need to be maintained clean. Related reviews: Mazda CX-9 2007-2015 review Toyota Venza 2009-2015 review Nissan Murano 2009-2014 Honda Pilot 2009-2015 review offered Ford explorer 2006-2010 review offered Toyota Highlander 2008-2013 evaluation Dodge journey 2009-2019 What come look for as soon as buying a used Ford Edge: once checking the vehicle at the dealership lot, check all electrical accessories, such as the strength tailgate and also the wait conditioner. Make certain the sunroof opens and also closes freely. Watch if the backup camera (if equipped) works consistently. Earlier, there were many issues with the MyFord Touch system, including the black color screen, slow-moving response, freezing, and also requiring recurring reboots. Numerous owners have had the software updated or the APIM module changed while under warranty. This means, research study the MyFord Touch problems and test every the functions carefully. Check out these YouTube videos for an ext info. The 22-in tires and rims in the leaf Sport room expensive come replace, examine the condition of the tires carefully. Leaks under the car, as well as the odor of coolant or charred oil comes from under the hood, show a problem. The short coolant level in the growth bottle might likewise be one indication the leaking coolant. If coolant leaks from a water pump in a V6, the repair will be expensive. Examine the oil ~ above the dipstick and avoid the car if that looks prefer the coolant is combined with oil, see exactly how it look at here: exactly how to inspect the engine once buying a used car. Numerous owners pointed out a leaking power steering hose. Prior to buying a provided Ford Edge, have it inspected by a trusted mechanic. Ask to examine for leaks and also assess the problem of the engine and transmission, a water pump in a V6 and also a turbocharger in the 2.0L EcoBoost engine. Maintenance tips: avoid overheating the engine; adjust the engine oil regularly and also keep other fluids clean - this will help prevent many problems. Us recommend having actually the regular inspections in the shop with the auto on the hoist excellent at the very least once a year to save it safe. The reason is that many materials cannot it is in inspected in a drive-through quick lube place. Because that example, a negative ball joint (part that the manage arm) is hard to an alert unless a mechanic check it with the auto on the hoist. When bringing your car for service, asking to examine the A/C drain; if it"s clogged up, water will leak indigenous the HVAC system inside the car. A timely spark plug instead of will help avoid much more serious difficulties like failure ignition coils. Consider rust proofing if girlfriend live in one area where salt is offered on the roadways in winter.