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Check the controls in the steering wheel? Mine occasionally won"t revolve on (rare) but never shuts off while driving. Through my issue, i think other is worn in the controls.
Check your curise button as every pic. Off on button shown. Mine would not shut off. Ns cleaned the contacts and also been because that 5 years. Buttons pop out and un plugin G-4 Bulls.-chart-

So perform you think the in my situation where that doesn"t remain on, that is the same issue? by the way, where is the cruise module under the hood? many thanks again for the help.
CC servo is near the brake grasp cylinder. Monitor the CC cable from the accelerator body ago to the CC servo. Have you operation the CC me test?
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I saw the pick and also pull and bought a various module and also was walking to placed it on. When I obtained to the accelerator linkage, i noticed the the cruise cable to be detached native the throttle plate. Therefore I put it earlier on and also noticed that it didn"t desire to continue to be on there, so ns zip tied if for now to see if the was the issue. I haven"t had a opportunity to roadway test it yet. Many thanks for the help.
Mine had actually the very same symptoms. I had actually to change the cutout move on the brake pedal. It"s not the brake light switch ~ above the brake pedal. They are different. I cleaned the contact on steering wheel switches. No change. Changed them. No change.
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Cruise functions now. Vault owner claimed that she couldn"t remember as soon as it ever worked. I placed a move on in ~ the brake pedal as well and zip bound the cable the accelerator linkage, and also it functioned like a champ. That has actually been the cheapest and easiest deal with so far.

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That would make perfect sense, you set cruise control and its shutting off because the cables not associated to organize the accelerator. Therefore itll stay, then you coast a few miles slower, kicks cruise off due to the fact that you slowed? provides sense come me
Those coming turn off or getting stuck in that area under that is just how alot of civilization randomly drive their auto into everything was in former of them.Congrats on gaining it figured! Ziptie is what most world seem come use.