Version 0.8This page generates a "hidden message" worksheet of exercise math problems. These species of worksheets space useful and also fun! The best part is that they room "self-checking". A college student can quickly tell if the job-related was done correctly as soon as he or she is able to review the message.TIP: The much more unique letters in her message, the much more problems the student will should solve.

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Choose the operation:additionsubtractionmultiplicationdivisionOptions:Minimum answer: best answer: difficulty style: horizontal vertical (if division, long-division style)
(shown at top center of worksheet): Intro (directions or inquiry of riddle; leave blank for default directions):
(one problem per distinct letter; usage no punctuation marks): URL of image to include on bottom of paper (optional): If left blank, the image presented at appropriate will be used. ~ above the produced worksheet, you deserve to resize the graphic by holding change on her keyboard and clicking-and-dragging ~ above the image. Reposition the by dragging-and-dropping it. Be sure to usage your browser"s publish preview to make sure it will show up in the right location (it won"t necessarily match the displayed position onscreen).The default image is by Phillip Martin. Check out tons of his totally free clipart at is a true mensch, offering several useful, totally free educational PowerPoints and interactive activities on the key site. Together if giving all this professional quality free stuff is no enough, he likewise travels the people helping school kids paint murals utilizing his characters! Read much more about him in ~ his site.

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Improvement concepts for future version of the tool

How around making the data gotten in here editable top top the last page?!?!?Include the above directions re: image in a non-printing div; might need to it is in a popup if ns can"t number out the
printmedia CSS way.Maybe make Intro field a message box and enable rich-text (fckedit)Fix drag and also drop/resizer. Still only works in Google Chrome. Might need to use jquery lib.For division, include option of utilizing remainders or decimal in quotientTrap errors because that omitted fields: min answer, max answer (depending top top operation),num number in multiplierFRACTIONS! (will be challenging to code)Give Title ar default title of "Secret post Math", on an initial enter, highlight whole field for straightforward changeIn generator code, trap punctuation point out from post fieldMaybe placed output right into _blank (new) window; add "close" attach or link earlier to this web page If you have suggestions, bugs, or comments
, girlfriend can call me by email. Teachers in JUSD, email "Stevan Flores"; anyone else, email me: mrflores in ~ period info, or use this form.