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God helps Those Who assist Themselves – Meaning, Examples, Origin, Expansion, Importance and Short Stories


The proverb ‘God help those who aid themselves’ way that one is may be to get over the challenges mainly through self-help. Also fortune, luck, or so-called magnificent intervention; appear for just those who room constantly assertive themselves. Because that those that don’t make an initiative but rather sit idly waiting for God come intervene and resolve your difficulties; God never ever intervenes in any form whatsoever and also their troubles only obtain bigger.

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The article of the proverb is very clear – pray to God in daunting times yet at the very same time shot your best to overcome the difficulties. If friend fight adversities with faith in God and also yourself, you will definitely see the irradiate of the day.


Anexample is the best means to understand a proverb. Keeping this in mind, ns havegiven listed below some fresh instances on the proverb ‘God help those who helpthemselves’. Hopefully, these examples will permit you understand the true meaningof the proverb in a better way.

“Beforethe coach could recognize his talent; Ronil, exercised with bat and also ball alonefor five years every day. Also then the was lucky for Ronil to gain selectedamong numerous potential candidates. The is rightly claimed that ‘God assist thosewho assist themselves’.”

“Those students, who never study for the examination, neither score fine nor acquire lucky sufficient to obtain a couple of familiar questions; important – God helps those who aid themselves.”

“Only top top those hard-working farmers who work tough in fields, hoping that it would certainly rain one day and also the crops would abound; the God smiles and showers rain over the fields. Now the farmers might cherish the fruit of their own difficult work, through a little help from God the course. God help those who aid themselves.”

“Only the chicks those consistently flap your wings to fly; fall and also then shot again; escape come the safety of the sky. Rather are eaten by predators. Very true that God helps those who aid themselves.”

“Someone that is free-falling from a cliff will, fortunately, obtain hold that something only if the reaches the end for it. If he didn’t, nothing can assist him, not even God. Very true the God helps those who assist themselves.”


Proverbs with comparable meanings have actually been documented in numerous Greek functions of old times. Sophocles, an old Greek tragedian, in his beat Philoctetes (c. 409 B.C.) had actually written – ‘No an excellent e’er comes of recreation purposeless, and also heaven ne’er help the men who will not act’. Definition that no good comes to those who just sit and also relax without any kind of purpose and not also heaven or God come for their help. That is not exactly as the proverb ‘God help those who assist themselves, however has one almost comparable meaning.

Anothersimilar expression is attributed to the Roma poet Publius Ovidius Naso who wrote “Godhimself help those who dare”; an additional phrase with a similar meaning as theproverb in the subject.

The first-ever precise rendering of the phrase ‘god help those who aid themselves’ was stated by Algernon Sydney, an English politics theorist. Later on, the proverb was offered by plenty of politicians and also others transparent the globe.

Expansion that the Proverb

The proverb ‘God helps those who aid themselves’, conveys that if only one helps himself the he will be favored by God. Top top the other hand, if we don’t initiative to come out of a difficulty or to accomplish our goals; then God will never ever intervene to make our struggle smooth. God only intervenes as soon as the human himself is making initiatives to rotate the tide.

Onlysomeone who is laborious and also hardworking will certainly be favored by luck and might gethelp from details unexpected quarters. ~ above the other hand, someone that doesn’twork but just wait and watch will not get helped by anyone, not also God.

Anotherconcept can be the – as soon as you are trying to find solutions, then only you getsolutions come whatever difficulties you room facing. Call it oh my god grace, or divineintervention, or every little thing you may like, a equipment comes only once you arelooking because that it and will be worth it just if you are prepared for it; otherwise,nothing changes and also you will remain deep within troubles.


The proverb ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is an extremely important from the suggest of view that it teaches united state a very far-ranging fact of life; the reality that unless we assist ourselves, nothing can change. If we space idly sit without an effort then not even God can assist us get rid of the difficulties or achieve milestones.

The proverb is essential for everyone, from any type of walk of life – students, professionals, housewives, etc. It is likewise important because that someone who is captured in one unwanted instance and also for someone who wanted to achieve a certain goal. It teaches united state to it is in self-reliant and also have faith in God.

Short story on ‘God assist Those Who aid Themselves’

A well-written story ~ above a proverb is the best method to recognize the true an interpretation of the proverb in an entertaining way. I have given below a couple of stories on the proverb ‘God helps those who help themselves’, for you to read and also get inspired.

Short Story 1

Awealthy businessman had actually two sons named Dhyanchand and Karamchand. Dhyanchandused to constantly sit in Dhyan always, law nothing but meditating, do the efforts toconnect v the almighty; it is what the thought. Karamchand on the other handbelieved in karma and worked laboriously come fetch a living.

Oncethe town was struggle by drought and also water ended up being so scarce that every dropbecame precious and also people stopped providing water come guests. Karamchand becauseof his nature refused to accept the situation and started thinking of means toget water because that the town anyhow. Dhyanchand at the same time started givingmore time in worshipping God, praying for the rain.

Karamchandcollected a variety of hard-working guys like him and also started digging because that a wellat an suitable place. It took months however finally, lock succeeded and thewater ran the end of the well. They to be overjoyed and thanked God for theirsuccess.

When Dhyanchand heard the news, he was happy but at the exact same time also confused. Having immense confidence in almighty, he to be thinking as to why God didn’t respond come his requests for rain. The answer come Dhyanchand’s question was given by his businessman father who told him – boy this is a an extremely important lesson and you should remember it constantly that ‘God help those who aid themselves’. Karamchand was figured out to help him and the village; therefore, God favored him with water in the well. On the various other hand, you to be doing nothing but praying, it is why God hasn’t responded.

Short Story 2

Oncethere live a negative fisherman who never had plenty the catch. While others weregetting tons of fishes, this guy barely regulated to procure just sufficient to feedhis family. He was tired and also sick that his failure and also hard luck.

But what that didn’t recognize or possibly neglected to be the truth that other fishermen went come the sea during high tide and also stayed it spins the tide gets low again. Our fisherman had actually no such strategy and was starting for the trip only throughout the low birds as that is much less risky and also easy sail as well. His wife though said him someday that if they desire to acquire rich they have to take risks as rather do. She said that – unless we take it a risk and go because that a sail when the tide is high; we wouldn’t gain anything in ~ all!! She also supported her claim with the proverb – ‘God help those who help themselves’.

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Fortunately, the fisherman interpreted his wife’s native and set sail with various other fishermen throughout high tide. It to be risky, however God helped him and also others come sail steadily and also rewarded every one of them with good and many catch. Ours fisherman came ago home to his family, happy as never ever before, and thanked his mam for actual advice.