Sleeping is an important part of our lives. Some sleep less, some sleep more, but as a issue of fact, us all need at least a couple of hours of sleep every night (+ a man amount the coffee) to make it through in this world.

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As we invested a an excellent part of every day sleeping, the is, after ~ all, not really surprising the there are many different methods to say great night in any language! this particular day we will have actually a look at 7 various ways come say good night in German…

…and yes, even Germans require some sleep, even though lock are well-known to be hardworking people.


1. Gute Nacht!

Let’s begin with the many obvious means to say good night in German: Gute Nacht!

“Gute Nacht” is a literal meaning translation of good night. The is by far the many common way to wish someone a an excellent night in German.

“Gute Nacht” is a formal method of saying great night, yet its border is by no means minimal to an extremely formal settings. In fact, you have the right to use “Gute Nacht” in practically every situation, it is in it v friends, household or strangers.

2. Träum süss!

“Träum süss” is the identical of sweet dreams. This is not precisely what you would say to her professor or come a stranger.

As in English, this expression is scheduled for intimate relationships and also you would just use it through your wife/husband or your (potential) girlfriend or boyfriend.

Or maybe likewise with the girl/boy that you simply matched through on Tinder…

3. Schlaf gut!

“Schlaf gut!” is an additional standard goodnight in German. That obviously means the very same as sleep well. You could say the to your mother as well as to her friends.

You could also say that to strangers, however in this case, you could want to use the much more formal “Schlafen Sie gut!”

4. Abdominal muscle in die Heia!

The an interpretation of “ab in die Heia!” is something along the currently of ‘It’s time (for you) to gain some sleep now!’. If friend do have some children, you might want to use this expression to remind them that it is time to go to bed now.

What the hell does “Heia” even mean?

Good question. The etymology of “Heia” is not very clear, to say the least. Some speculate the Heia actually way bed. Others think that “Heia” comes from greek command ‘heude,’ which method sleep!.

5. Angenehme Nachtruhe!

“Angenehmen Nachtruhe” is an extremely formal. Girlfriend would just use the in a an extremely formal setting. Or probably as a joke. You could find the expression “Angenehmen Nachtruhe!” in (older) books. You won’t hear this an extremely often (if ever) in oral speech.

6. Träum was Schönes!

This one is very similar to our number #2. It literally means dream something beautiful.

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7. Nacht!

If you would favor to save things short, you might likewise just speak “Nacht!” instead of “Gute Nacht!” the has an informal touch yet wouldn’t be considered rude in most situations.