This main on Secret Life of the American Teenager, the World’s BestAdjusted gay Teenager (Brando Eaton) gets set up top top a blind day with a one more not so fine adjusted, in truth closeted, gay teen. It has actually all the hallmarks of gift a"Very unique Episode." yet it has actually a twist. A twist the made me misty-eyed.

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Griffin’s friend Grace arranges because that him to meet a tall young guy named Peter. Once it is clean to Peter the Griffin to be being pimped as his date, he gets a look of terror together if he’s simply shownup to institution in his underpants.

Don’t take up poker, Peter.


Self-aware Griffin involves the rescue, “He’swondering whereby his day is.” Peter claims he isn’t gay, grace stutters, Griffinsmooths points over, and also insists they all have dinner anyway.

After dinner and also once they’re alone, Peter comes the end to Griffin and also thanks him for “not speak anything.”Griffin, ever before smooth, says he doesn’t know anything.

Peter gets closer, andadmits he’s recognizes Griffin from Thursday happy night in ~ a club. Seriously, where is this suburban town through high institution clubs with gay nights?

If you recall, Griffin related his coming the end in a car parked outside last season. It’s his thing.


Peter relates a terrified tale of not being may be to be out because of his father.Griffin is supportive, and also smoothly hand him a business card (seriously, froma high college student?) and also tells that if he’s prepared to be out, call him. Their scene ends v Peter wondering just how Grace knew he to be gay. That’s what passes for subtleforeshadowing top top this show.

If Peter’s dad is any type of indication, we have a future otter on ours hands.


Once home, Peter’s father concerns his room and also asks him howthe evening went. Peter provides a common teenage non-answer, and dad almostleaves. Climate dad states “Are friend going to be going out v him again?”

Cueterrified look on Peter’s challenge again. 

The father continues. “Didyou prefer this guy that Grace presented you to? due to the fact that your mom and I justwant friend to it is in happy, and if dating men makes friend happy, that’s fine through us.We don’t desire you come feel choose you have anything come hide from us.”

The speech chin is almost worthy the Glee’s Burt Hummel.

“My mommy outed me?” needs to be among the greatestconversational openers to a phone speak to in television history. And I completelyunderstand his mortification – outing her closeted child to his church friend ranks appropriate up over there with reflecting your friends images of you as a toddler during bath time.

Grace watch pleased she scheme had actually a happy ending. Go she contact Peter’s mother after he left?


Is the episode perfect? not really. Griffin didn’t also geta kiss. This seems like a serious double standard considering half the personalities one the present are unwed teen parents, and also oralsex was a fad because that a while.

Also, yes sir no indication that Peter will certainly reappear in afuture illustration (I can’t even find the actor’s name, or his dad’s actor’s name).

Still, it to be a nice twisted on a "coming the end to mom and dad" story –the character thinking he’s in the closet yet all the while his parental know and also are maneuvering to deal with him up v somebody. And dad’s speech was pitchperfect, indigenous the words and wishes, to the halting delivering transforming into a gush. Together I said, it had actually me misty-eyed.

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I didn’t buy Peter’s muted reaction to the speech, but I’m glad they didn’t go theobvious route and also have his religious parents kick him out of the house.