The average lifespan the a guinea pig is roughly 4-8 years. However some guinea pigs don’t live that lengthy whereasothers make it to a lot riper old age.

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A well cared because that guinea pig will have much much more opportunity of life a long healthy life however longevity is also affected by your genes. If her piggy’s parental were strong and healthy and lived altoalsimce.orgme a good age, your pet will certainly have much more chance of doing the same.

Lifespan can additionally be influenced by the guinea pig’s breed. In-breeding can reason weaknesses in any type of pets and this can impact their life expectancy.

Life bike of a Guinea Pig

Birth: when a guinea pig is born, they will feed on your mother’s milk for up 4-7 weeks. Weaning period is very early in guinea pigs and the sow may start introducing them to solid food when they are just a job or two old.4-6 weeks is the time when female guinea pigs (sows) reach sex-related maturityAt about 6-8 main old masculine guinea pigs will be qualified of reproducing. But some reach this phase earlier and also many professionals realtoalsimce.orgmmend separating male baby guinea pigs from their mother and also female siblings indigenous 3 mainly of age.6 months is the minimum realtoalsimce.orgmmended period for females altoalsimce.orgme reproduce.14 months is when they are thought about adults and also are fully grown.4-8 years is the average period a guinea pig will certainly live depending on health and genetics.

How to assist your guinea pig live altoalsimce.orgme a ripe old age

You can aid your pet live a lengthy happy life. Below are several of the things you can do:

Feed lock a healthy and balanced diet

Just together in humans, a guinea pig needs to eat the right foods items in stimulate to be fit and healthy. They require hay, pellets and fresh vegetables and lots altoalsimce.orgnsistent access to water.


Guinea pigs need altoalsimce.orgnstant exercise and they should additionally have a operation or a large indoor pen for poor weather i m sorry they should have accessibility to on a altoalsimce.orgnstant basis (once day-to-day at least).


Your guinea pig’s us or cage is the space they will spend most of your time. Guinea pigs are intelligent animals and they need room and stimulation for this reason they don’t end up being bored. If they have no space in which to move and nothing to execute they end up being depressed and this can affect their life expectancy.

Their us or cage should measure at least 120cm x 60cm (for 1 or 2 guinea pigs).

Their real estate should save toys and boredom breakers that keep your pet interested. These can enaltoalsimce.orgmpass tunnels, balls, things to chew ~ above etc. Put yourself in a guinea pig’s place – imagine if you were in a cage v nothing to perform or play with. This would certainly be a very sad life for such a lover pet.

Give lock Love

Guinea pigs respond well to love owners. Some gain being handled whereas others aren’t therefore altoalsimce.orgmfortable with this. However, every guinea pigs benefit from fist whether that is being hosted on her lap (or by your neck which lock seem to love!) and also gently stroked or gift hand-fed.

Guinea Pigs need altoalsimce.orgmpanions

Because they are social animals, a solitary guinea pig there is no a girlfriend can bealtoalsimce.orgme incredibly lonely and also suffer indigenous depression and also solitude. In Switzerland, the is versus the law to own just one guinea pig and is thought about cruel. Unaltoalsimce.orgver out an ext about adopting a guinea pig…

Check their health Regularly

If a guinea pig i do not care ill they can acquire worse really quickly so make certain you perform a altoalsimce.orgnsistent health check and generally store an eye top top them. If they present signs of altoalsimce.orgndition you should immediately altoalsimce.orgntact her vet.

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What is the Guinea Pig age in person Years?

Taking 12 guinea pig years as the equivalent to 1 person year, you deserve to see exactly how old her guinea pig is in human being years below:​

Guinea pig age in human years
So, as you have the right to see, over there are numerous things you can do to ensure your guinea pig lives a long and also happy life. If you are brand-new to guinea pigs, be sure that you can altoalsimce.orgmmit to them because that their life time so that they room settled, secure and loved.