It’s to be a long road to gain here, but it’s lastly ready for you come explore.

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Keep in mind this is just the beginning. Over there are more updates in the works and everything is really coming together step by step.

Fixes for update 0.1b3

Revised and fixed hitboxes by Bridge, corridor Hideouts, Motel, and also Tunnel.Repaired code on load screens causing delays, pack times must be quickerRepaired player movement jump lag.

The full List of Updates indigenous Alpha experimentation onward deserve to be viewed Here:

Thank girlfriend to everyone who’s stuck to us v this continuing transition from flash to Unity.

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Posted on June 18, 2021

Missing Videos top top Picarto?!

Don’t worry. Lock aren’t missing. They room being relocated to our video archive!

Many streams indigenous the last few years have actually been saved and also will it is in uploaded as soon as the save on computer is online! an ext on the later.

Posted top top June 17, 2021

Anne upgrade Preview: WIP Teaser

Here is a WIP teaser video for Anne’s scene featuring brand-new sounds, controller updates, and completely revised animation! By well-known demand, the vehicle makes noise the harder you go!