If you’re looking for the solitary numbers, lock are easily accessible online top top scoutstuff.org Red numerals or Khaki Centennial Numerals



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Benefits of custom Unit Numeralsfor Your troop or Pack

Save Time

because that every uniform, there is someone that had to darn those unit numerals. Frankly, its tough to acquire them inside wall up right! The solution is a solitary unit numerial patch. You can acquire your company bar included as well. Having sewn numerous uniform’s ourselves, we have the right to attest the the parental (and the sometimes scout) will certainly be grateful.

Unit character Sizes and also Placement

Custom Unit Numerals have the right to be 2 to 4 numbers. The number size themselves are regular with the standard solitary numbers.

Troop or load unit numerals walk under the Council piece patch top top the Left Sleeve. If your Unit has actually a business bar, that goes in between the Council piece patch and the unit numerals.

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Image courtesy that the BSA uniform investigate sheet

What is ok to have on the Patch?

You can have your company bar had on the patch.

What is NOT OK to have actually on the Patch?

Your unit’s city is a no-no

As you deserve to see native our historical unit numeral patches, adding a city and also state were an extremely popular. Like many scout leaders, we see worth in encouraging civic pride. We later learned the reason that the BSA walk not allow the city to appear.It goes back to the establishing of Scouting: “Scouting offers the uniform both as the good equalizer in between youth from families of modest method and those who are well off.”

A Scout from Malibu or Upper eastern Side will be viewed in different way from a Scout from Compton or The Bronx. Its ideal for the scout if they deserve to escape the label.

If you are set on the “civic pride” aspect: just use a momentary patch! better yet, memory an achievement of the Troop! We carry out sell custom Troop spot that deserve to have your city top top them. Right here are many example designs.


The altoalsimce.org Difference

Your Unit Numerals


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altoalsimce.org is an main Licensee that the young Scouts of America

altoalsimce.org is an main Licensee the the young Scouts that America

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