low grade (adverb) clauses; loved one (adjective) clauses; and, noun clauses.

A object conjunction is used to introduce and connect a subordinate i to a verb, verbal, or comprehensive in an additional clause. The only component of decided that have the right to modify all three of this is an adverb, therefore subordinate rule are, by and large, adverbial. (See below for an ext info.)

List of subordinating Conjunctions

Here"s a advantageous list of object conjunction. Take note, however, that several of these have the right to be offered as various other parts the speech as well:

after ~ although together together if as long as as much as as soon as together though due to the fact that before even if also though how if in order that inasmuch lest now that detailed (that) since so the than the though it rotates (or "til) uneven until when anytime wherein where if

Subordinate Clauses

A low grade clause start with a low grade conjunction answers a inquiry such as “Why?” or “When?” or “How?” which renders it adverbial.

For example:

Although the play was publicized weeks in advance, opened night to be poorly attended.

In the instance above, the subordinate clause joins a dependence idea (the play gift publicized fine in advance) in contrast to the key clause. Due to the fact that the subordinate clause explains the reason opening night was poorly attended, it thus modifies the whole main clause in answer to the concern "Why?"

A subordinating conjunction need to not be misidentified together aRelative Pronoun, a distinct pronoun that starts an adjective clause. Both, subordinating conjunctions and relative pronouns, produce dependent clauses, but in radically various ways.

Subordinate ClausesversusPrepositional phrases

For the grammar novice, the fact that countless of the object conjunctions listed above additionally have counterparts as prepositions might come as a “Yikes!” moment. For example, the word “after” is a low grade conjunction, together in "after us go to the movie”; however, it"s also a preposition, together in “after the movie”. (It"s also a conjunctive adverb, as in "After, castle all visited the movie together," but I"ll shot not come incite panic rather yet.) Teachers might argue, the difference between a phrase and also a clause is clear: a clause always has a subject and predicate.

True enough, however what around prepositional unit volume containing adjective clauses linked to your noun objects, or adverb clauses linked to their verbal objects such as infinitive phrases or gerund phrases? At some point, it can all come to be just a mishmash that grammar. Try sorting the end the complying with sentence:

His colleagues admired him for being the sort of person who, although he had actually a keen service sense, constantly knew as soon as to placed integrity front of profit.


It’s no a specifically unusual sentence, yet a litany of linguistic phrases, much more prepositional phrases, and even a relative clause nearly hide the truth that yes sir a subordinate clause in this sentence, which starts with the low grade conjunction, “although.” inspect out the diagram:

Beginners may not be up to the job of diagramming such a sentence, but they have the right to still find out to recognize the hallmarks the a subordinate clause when they review it or create it:

every subordinate clauses have a subject and also a predicate—all of them, vice versa, phrases (prepositional, infinitive, gerund, or otherwise) perform not; all subordinate clauses space dependent clauses: they cannot stand alone together sentences of your own. all subordinate clauses start with a subordinate conjunction, whereas loved one clauses begin with family member pronouns, and prepositional phrases start with (you guessed it) prepositions.

Subordinating Conjunctions versus Conjunctive Adverbs

In addition to prepositions, students must be ~ above the lookout for specific conjunctive adverb misused together subordinating conjunctions, frequently causing comma splices. Aconjunctive adverbis a special adverb the starts a sentence in the path of a transitional word. You’re cautioned to flag the adhering to list that conjunctive adverb for yourself and also pay extra unique attention to them in her writing:

also quiet besides in addition for this reason yet rather similarly on the other hand in addition however nevertheless otherwise climate therefore for this reason

Diagramming object Conjunctions

To chart a object conjunction, a long, dashed diagonal heat connects the two clauses and also demonstrates where and how they connect.

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Even thoughnobody came, the cast performed the entire play.


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