Wondering how much pizza to order? We constructed this nifty little pizza calculator so you can number out precisely how much pizza is sufficient to accomplish you and your group. Whether you’re trying to decide just how much pizza come order because that an office pizza party, kid’s birthday, team of friend or just your very hungry self, we’ve gained you covered.

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Use our Pizza Calculator

Use this calculator to aid you determine exactly how lot pizza to order. Answer just three easy questions and also we’ll acquire you a quick answer on just how many huge pizzas to get for your group. How plenty of adults are joining this pizza party? How plenty of kids? exactly how hungry space you? Boom. Us did the math, currently you perform the ordering.

Slice come Pizza size Ratio

Pizza size is a large variable when deciding how many pizzas to order, for this reason let’s rest it down. Below are the mean sizes that pizza from a conventional pizza restaurant, ranging from a small pie to an extra-large pizza, including the variety of slices the come in every size.

Small Pizza: 8-10 customs pizza with 6 slices.Medium Pizza: 12-14 customs pizza v 8 slices.Large Pizza: 14-16 customs pizza with 8 slices.Extra-large Pizza: 16-18 inch pizza through 8-10 slices.

Contrary to popular belief, the mean pizza generally comes through 8 slices no issue what the size. The exemption is the little pizza, which commonly contains 6 slices because of its size.

Here space some examples to provide you an idea of how the sizes vary throughout pizzerias, according to interviews with pizza experts in Pizza Today.

Remember, pizza size will differ from restaurant come restaurant for this reason be sure to confirm over the phone when you place your order. Pizza shops are happy come take one-of-a-kind requests once it concerns cutting, therefore if a big cheese pizza is typically 8 slices in ~ your local pizza joint, they have the right to easily reduced the pizza into much more slices come accommodate her group. This is the ultimate pro tip when you room ordering pizza for kids so the they deserve to eat smaller sized slices through ease! girlfriend can likewise get the pizza uncut therefore you can do that yourself.

Fun fact: In Northeastern PA, the typical pizza is a rectangle shape and it’s referred to as a pizza tray, no a pizza pie! It’s additionally sold in cuts fairly than by the variety of slices. There space 12 cut to a entirety tray, therefore a fifty percent tray would be 6 cuts. Check out our friends Arcuro’s in Old create to shot this special take on a classic pizza!


Tips because that Ordering Pizza for Both small and large Groups

If you’ve offered our pizza calculator come see just how much pizza come order for your group yet are quiet stumped, read on to uncover the variables we take into consideration when ordering because that ourselves.

1. The number of adults vs children.

It’s essential to recognize the number of guests you’re ordering pizza for, yet what’s even an ext important is learning WHO those human being are. How many adults? How countless children? kids play a large factor when it pertains to pizza ordering due to the fact that they tend to eat less than your typical adult.

2. Appetite level.

How hungry are you, really? The average variety of pizza slices one adult will certainly eat is 3, but this number have the right to vary greatly depending on the who appetite. That true the some civilization just want a slice and also others have the right to handle fifty percent a pie, therefore be mindful of your guests’ eating behavior when ordering because that the group. Hunger level is a slide scale, folks!

3. Preferences, allergies and also diet requirements.

A hot topic because that both huge and little groups is pizza toppings. Even if it is you choose pepperoni, supreme, veggie, black olives, environment-friendly peppers, red onion, Italian sausage, Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, anchovies, white pie, specialty pizza or plain cheese, it’s good to note the group’s preferences so you can order sufficient of everything.

In enhancement to the type of pizza, consider, too, if everyone in the group has dietary restrictions. Pizza providers do a great job that catering come allergies and offer gluten-free pizza, cauliflower crust and vegan and also vegetarian options. Plus, there’s always apps come supplement your meal including Italian favorites favor antipasto, aubergine parmesan or new mozzarella!

4. Recognize how countless slices are had with every size.

Knowing how many slices of pizza space in a traditional pie is good intel to have actually when deciding even if it is to acquire multiple pizza sizes. This greatly comes down to the variety of people, yet there are additionally so many different crust types, native crispy slim crust pizza come chicago-style deep-dish, i m sorry is helpful when deciding just how much pizza is enough.

Perhaps, after assessing with ours pizza calculator, you identify you need 3 pizzas yet want to have a small extra for later. Our reminder is to constantly order a little cheese to have on-hand. Oftentimes, guests want one more slice however don’t want to commit come a complete one, so this is a great way to offer smaller bites to guests! one more hack is to ask because that the pizza to be double cut. A dual cut pizza is cut into twin the quantity of slices, so if she ordering a huge cheese you will do it now have 16 smaller sized slices rather of the traditional 8. This is a perfect choice for a group of kids or if you desire appetizer-sized portions.

Tipping for large Pizza Orders

For huge catering orders, that customary to reminder at least 20%. There is a lot that goes right into preparing her order behind the scenes. In addition to food preparation the pizza and preparing it because that carryout, the pizza place needs to pack it appropriately to accommodate the group and also make sure there’s napkins, spices, sauces and also cutlery together requested. That’s all prior to it also goes the end the door! Catering tips space often split with all employees including the driver and chef for this reason be sure to take this into consideration when tipping on a large order. Include an extra 10-15% because that inclement weather problems like snow and rain and during liven hours and holidays prefer Super bowl Sunday and NFL games.

For an ext on just how much to reminder pizza distribution drivers, examine out our complete guide ~ above tipping and use ours pizza pointer calculator.

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At the finish of the day, if you’re still on the fence about ordering the extra pie, even after utilizing the pizza calculator, just do it. Fine teach you precisely how come reheat pizza the following day so the ooey gooey part is as good as new.