Poland is a country which is situated in main Europe conversely, Texas is a state in the unified States situated in the South main region of the USA. This particular day in this write-up we will talk about the comparison between Poland and also Texas regarding assorted aspects.

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Is Poland Bigger 보다 Texas?The total area the Poland is 312,696 km2 and the total area of Texas is 695,662 km2. Poland is smaller than Texas through 382,966 km2. Texas is roughly 2.3 times bigger than Poland.Area that Poland: 120,733 sq mi ( 312,696 km2 )

Area the Texas: 268,596 sq mi ( 695,662 km2 )


As per the Worldometer data, the current population of Poland approximated as that 28th April 2021 is 37,812,607.

According come the data native United states Census Bureau, the populace of Texas estimated as of 2019 was roughly 29 Million.
Here is some much more data comparison in between Poland and Texas.The resources city that Poland is Warsaw and also the resources city of Texas is Austin

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Official LanguagesPoland: PolishTexas: EnglishHuman advancement IndexHDI the Poland together of 2019: 0.880HDI that Texas as of 2018: 0.909
Poland Timezone:UTC + 1 (Central european Time)UTC + 2 (Central european Summer Time)Texas Timezone: 
UTC – 6 (Central Time Zone)Summer(DST):UTC – 5 (Central Daylight Time)Geological CoordinatesCoordinates that Poland:52° 0′ 0″ N, 20° 0′ 0″ E
Coordinates that Texas:31° 28′ 32.52″ N, 99° 19′ 52.32″ WYou may additionally like come read:Is greek Bigger 보다 Texas? (Comparison)

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