A third and last scene the contributes come the as whole theme comes in the direction of the end of the film. If Davis is act laundry, Banks’ 2 friends come right into the laundry room and also begin to beat him. After ~ a small while, among the boys pulls under Davis’ pants and rapes him. The next day Davis’ bed is presented with that unconscious and also blood stains top top his sheets, top viewers to assume he slot his wrists and also killed himself. Those intriguing around this step again is how easily these two boys attacked Davis without gift noticed. You have the right to see the pure fear and also sadness in the victim’s challenge after the incident, choose a small kid whose mother just died. An additional thing that stands out in the scene is the pleasure this boys obtain out of torturing Davis. Although among the boys originally questions raping Davis, he holds him under anyway and also lets the various other boy do it. It to represent the anarchy that this juvenile detention center, a place with no government or manage over that is inmates. Referring back to Mendel’s report, he talks around “an epidemic of sex-related abuse” (6). He recommendations that a examine by the commonwealth Bureau of righteousness Statistics released discovered that an ext than 3,000 young world in correctional facilities had actually been sexually abused by employee or various other youth during a one year span. In this case it was youth on youth sexual assault with when again, no aid from correctional officers. This scene renders it easy to view a connection in between suicide and also juvenile detention centers. After gift raped, Davis was emotionally in shambles. No matter how difficult he tried, that couldn’t hold himself together. The night the the assault he was crying at the buzzer to speak to his mom however the correctional police officers refused and made him go earlier to sleep. Encountering this kind of abuse with small to no support, Davis no see any kind of other option. This link is supported by a report native the newspaper of the Canadian Academy that Child and also Adolescent Psychiatry title “Suicide and also Deliberate Self-injurious habits in juvenile Correctional Facilities: A Review,” which discusses suicide and self-injurious behavior, its threat factors and what makes youngsters in these facilities harm themselves. The report claims that “Detained youth room at enhanced risk of suicide and suicidal ideation” (1). Few of the danger factors provided in this report that room seen in Dog Pound encompass exposure come violence, young age and white race.

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With Davis killing himself, this research becomes fairly relatable. Due to the fact that they are exposed to much more risk factors, inmates that detention centers space at an ext of a risk to go suicide, which provides it that much more important for officers to keep a far better eye top top the inmates.

Scene 3 comes in ~ the 1 hour, 12:20 mark.