History >> Aztec, Maya, and Inca because that KidsEmpireThe Aztec realm was comprised of city-states. At the center of every city-state was a huge city the ruled the area. For the most part, the Aztec Emperor did not interfere through the ruling of the city-states. What he compelled was the each city-state payment him a tribute. As long as the tribute was paid, the city-state stayed somewhat independent of Aztec rule.

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Map of the Aztec Empireby Yavidaxiu native Wikimedia CommonsClick snapshot to see larger version
The Emperor or Huey TlatoaniThe Aztec federal government was similar to a monarchy wherein an Emperor or King was the major ruler. They called their ruler the Huey Tlatoani. The Huey Tlatoani to be the ultimate strength in the land. Lock felt that he was appointed through the gods and also had the magnificent right to rule. He made decision when to walk to war and also what tribute the lands he ruled would certainly pay the Aztecs.When one emperor died, the new emperor was chosen by a team of high ranking nobles. Commonly the brand-new emperor was a relative of the vault emperor, but it wasn"t always his son. Sometimes they determined a brother that they felt would be a an excellent leader.Aztec EmperorsHere room a couple of of the much more famous Aztec queens or Huey Tlatoani:Acamapichtli - The first emperor the the Aztecs, he ruled because that 19 years beginning in 1375.Itzcoatl - The 4th emperor the the Aztecs, he dominated the Tepanecs and founded the Triple Alliance.Montezuma i - Under Montezuma ns the Aztecs came to be the dominant power that the Triple Alliance and the empire was expanded.Montezuma II - The ninth emperor the the Aztecs, Montezuma II was the leader as soon as Cortez and also the Spanish arrived. The had broadened the realm to its greatest size, yet was eliminated by the Spanish.
Other OfficialsThe 2nd in command that the Aztec federal government was the Cihuacoatl. The Cihuacoatl remained in charge of running the government on a day come day basis. He had thousands the officials and civil servants who functioned under him and kept the government and also the empire running smoothly.There was additionally the the supervisory board of Four. These were powerful men and also generals of the military who were an initial in line to become the next emperor. They offered advice come the emperor and it was crucial that he had their agreement in major decisions.Other vital officials in the government had the clergymans who looked after the religious aspects the the city, the judges who ran the court system, and the armed forces leaders.LawThe Aztecs had actually a fairly sophisticated password of law. Over there were countless laws consisting of laws against stealing, murder, drunkenness, and property damage. A mechanism of courts and judges established guilt and punishments. They had various levels the courts all the means up to a supreme court. Citizens can appeal rulings come a greater court if they did not agree v the judge.One interesting component of the regulation was the "one time forgiveness law". Under this law, a citizen can confess a crime come a priest and they would certainly be forgiven. This only functioned if they confessed the crime prior to being caught. It additionally could only be provided once.TenochtitlanThe facility of the Aztec federal government was the capital city that Tenochtitlan. This was whereby the emperor and also the majority of the nobles lived. In ~ its top under Montezuma II, Tenochtitlan is thought to have had actually a population of 200,000 people.Interesting Facts about Aztec GovernmentHuey Tlatoani intended "Great Speaker". The leader of various other lesser urban was referred to as the Tlatoani of that city.Cihuacoatl expected "Female Snake" also though the office was always held by a man.The priests were also responsible for running the schools.When a brand-new emperor came right into power he had to spend 4 days fasting, meditating, and also worshiping the gods.The punishments for breaking a legislation were major with death being a common punishment. Other punishments consisted of having her head shaved or gift sold into slavery.

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