Grueling functioning conditions, miserably short wages, and child labor, and also the workers" low traditional of living, lack of politi- cal power, the huge gap in between the rich and poor, caused civil unrest and strife.

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Russia"s losses sparked unrest in ~ home, revealed the czar"s weak- nesses, and also led to rebellion in the center of the war.
provoked a wave of strikes and violence across the country and also forced Czar Nicholas II to promise more freedom and also create the Duma, Russia"s very first parliament
revealed weakness of czarist rule and military leadership; destroyed morale the Russian soldiers, that mutinied, deserted, and also ignored orders; led to starvation in Russia
How walk the civil war between the Red and White armies assist the Bolsheviks gain and also hold political control?
caused millions of deaths native fighting and famine; showed that Bolsheviks were able both come seize power and also to maintain it; crushed opposition come Bolshevik rule
How did the company of Russia into republics assist the Bolsheviks gain and hold politics control?
A rail line built between 1891 and 1904 to connect European Russia through Russian ports on the pacific ocean.
Rich peasants in the Russian empire who owned larger farms and also used hired labour. They were their own class.

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200,000 workers marched to the czar"s winter palace in St. Petersburg and also asked for better working conditions. Nicholas II shot in ~ them and killed about 500 Russian citizens.
A series of strikes; led by women; damaged out in St. Petersburg; grew into a basic strike; soldiers join the demonstrations; Czar Nicholas II stepped down; replaced by Duma
Red- Bolsheviks who wanted communismWhite- wanted democracy; basically anyone who opposed. *Red military won
French- brought about by problem over tax system; Event- loss of Bastille; Led through King luigi before, and also Napoleon Bonaparte after; King Louis and also wife were eliminated via GuillotineRussian- brought about by rise of socialism; Event- Bloody Sunday; Led through Nicholas II before, then Vladimir Lenin after; Nicholas II and family to be shot come death

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