This may become an engraving written on a historical marker commemorating a mass grave. I beg your pardon of the complying with is correct: Requiesce in Pace or Requiescant in Pace? The former was available up by a young lady who remained in my high college class 50 year ago. The 2nd was listed by Ns think we are looking for 3rd person, plural, subjunctive, existing tense. I have actually seen google"s type on a picture of a slate tomb marker date 1725, but, the rock didn"t have virtually 300 years of patina top top it.

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Requiescant in pace is what you are looking for. Simply as girlfriend say, 3rd person, plural, subjunctive, current tense form, may they remainder in peace.

(Requiesce in pace, instead, is singular, command mood, therefore the sentence is commanding who to remainder in peace, or figuratively, wishing it.)

Both the plural and singular (requiescat in pace) creates have traditionally been part of Christian prayers because that the dead. Right here a prominent instance in Catholic liturgy, the Requiem, i beg your pardon is component of the Missa pro defunctis:

Requiem aeternam dona ei(eis), Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei(eis). Requiescat(-ant) in pace. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto him/her (them), O Lord, and let perpetual irradiate shine ~ above him/her (them). Might he/she (they) remainder in peace. Amen.


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