The color are one of the teams of native that room used commonly when us speak. In this article, we will show you just how to speak colors in Spanish or name of basic colors in Spanish and common words and also phrases used when talking around colors.

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List of colors in Spanish -Los Colores

black - negrowhite - blancoblue - azulyellow - amarillored - rojogreen – verdeorange – anaranjadopink - rosadopurple - moradoviolet - violetabrown - marróngold - doradogray - grismulticolored - multicolorsilver - plateadoturquoise - turquesasky blue - azúl cielodark - oscurobright - fuertelight - clarogold - doradosilver - plateadobronze - bronce


Basic colour in Spanish

Using colour inSpanish

1. The gender of shade words require to match the noun they describe

Color indigenous are largely used as adjectives. In Spanish, the sex of shade words must enhance the gender of the noun or the point that you’re describing.


If the noun is feminine, readjust the finishing “o” ~ above a shade word to “a”

For example:

La camisa es negra – The shirt is black

If the color word end in “e” or a consonant, its kind will stay unchanged because that both gender like “azul”.If the noun/the point you space describing is plural, include “s” to the finish of the shade words.

For instance, there space 4 various forms of "blanco" including:

blanco (masculine and singular form)

blancos ( masculine and also plural form)

blanca (feminine and also singular form)

blancas (feminine and also plural form)

SeeSpanish sex rules.

For example:

Hay dos gatos negros - There room two black cats


Just choose in English, the plural type of some words doesn’t monitor the over rules, including:

Azul - azules

Marrón - marrónes

Gris - Grises

2. If a color word is modification with other words, don’t adjust its form. Or in other words, friend don’t have to change its form to enhance the sex or the number of the noun.

For example: lime green – verde lima

See:Numbers in Spanish

3. The color word need to come after the noun it describes.


Red pencil - lápiz rojo

Tengo un traje de baño morado -I have a purple bathing suit

La chica tiene piernas largas, uñas rosadas, y cabello rojo- The girl has long legs, pink nails and red hair.

Tiene los ojos azules- He/she has eco-friendly eyes.

Common words and also phrases used when talking around colors

Color - Color

The color - Los colores

Mi shade favorito es... - mine favorite color is...

Me gusta el color azul - I like the shade blue.

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Knowing basic colors is important as you find out Spanish. If friend have any problem when using shade words in expressions, don"t hesitation to leaving a comment below.