extending a soil area that 16,638 sq. Km, the State the Hawaii (Hawaiian archipelago) is located in the Pacific ocean to the southwest that the contiguous joined States. The is the world’s biggest island chain, making up of 137 volcano islands and the only U.S. State come be fully made increase of islands. There room 8 main Hawaiian Islands, out of which just 7 archipelago (Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, and also Niihau) room permanently inhabited.

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As it was observed on the map, the lush, green islands the Hawaii are the visible top of a chain the submerged volcanic mountains that large 3,100 mile from Hawaii, all the means to the Aleutian Trench in the phibìc Pacific Ocean. As well as these big 8 islands, the rather are mainly atolls - inactive stumps of volcano rock, that are encircled by coral reefs.

Ironically in this tropical paradise the summits the the sporadically energetic volcanoes that Mauna Loa and also Mauna Kea on the large Island (Hawaii), are typically snow-capped. Kilauea is the youngest volcano in the Volcanoes nationwide Park, which still erupts occasionally, spewing lava and also creating new land. Various other volcanoes of note include Maui"s Haleakala, Oahu’s Diamond Head, and also Mt. Waialeale top top the island that Kauai. Mt. Waialeale is widely referred to as the (rainiest spot) ~ above the planet, through over 450 inch of rain each year.

Rugged sea cliffs fringe the outer edges of plenty of of the islands, with the Na pali shore of Kauai, southeastern edge of Maui, and also the phibìc shore of Molokai the most dramatic. The state’s highest suggest is the dormant volcanic mountain - Mauna Kea. Situated on the Hawaii island, it rises to an key of 13,796ft (4,205m).

Waimea Canyon ~ above Kauai is just one of the island"s most dramatic landforms, and across the bigger island’s abundant mountain valleys, volcano craters, deep canyons, and waterfalls are also commonplace. There are no considerably navigated rivers in Hawaii, however, the Anahulu on Oahu, the Wailua on Kauai, and the Wailuku top top the large Island are the most far-reaching small rivers. Numerous narrow streams circulation down from the volcano summits, one of two people to the sea or right into the fertile valleys below. The state’s lowest allude is the Pacific s (0ft).

Counties Map


The State of Hawaii is separated into 5 counties. In alphabetical order, these counties are: Hawaii County, Honolulu, Kalawao, Kauai, and also Maui.

With one area the 16,638 sq. Km, Hawaii is the 8 hours smallest and also the 11th the very least populous state in the USA. Located on the southeastern shore of Oahu Island is Honolulu – the capital and the largest city the Hawaii. It master the headquarters of several large Hawaiian companies and is also the state’s major port, financial and economic hub. Honolulu has been classified as a “Modern City” by international standards v its skyline gift dotted with many skyscrapers.

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Where is Hawaii?


The above blank map to represent the State that Hawaii (Hawaiian archipelago), located in the Pacific s to the southwest the the contiguous united States. The above map deserve to be downloaded, printed and used for geography education purposes prefer map-pointing and coloring activities. 

The above outline map represents the State of Hawaii (Hawaiian archipelago), situated in the Pacific ocean to the southwest of the contiguous joined States. Nicknamed as the "Aloha State", the is the only U.S. State to be fully made up of islands.