Thanks for your interest in visiting Vermont! For information on COVID-19-related border closures, please testimonial the U.S. Embassy in Canada website.

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Every year, numerous Canadians cross the border to reap Vermont"s views, villages, events, and craft food and also drinks. Vermont communities are excited come welcome ago Canadian guests and our inoculation rates present our commitment come re-opening safely. Whether you drive, fly or uncover some other method to acquire to Vermont, your vacation begins the moment you reach the green Mountain State, with beautiful views and also lots to see and do. Welcome to Vermont!

branch Phil Scott Welcomes Canadian Visitors

Vermont branch Phil Scott welcomes Canadian guests to explore Vermont and enjoy every the state needs to offer, indigenous beautiful views to delicious local food and welcoming communities.


Visiter le vermont

Nous invitons nos amis et voisins canadiens à visiter le Vermont. Nous partageons add to qu’une frontière. Nos racines relèvent d’une society commune et d’un même respect pour tous nos semblables.



Des campements préhistoriques aux hauts lieux de la Révolution américaine et aux demeures de présidents américains, les lieux historiques du vermouth sont les témoins de l’évolution d’un État, de child peuple et de la nation.



there are countless ways to get to Vermont, native hopping a flight to a an excellent old-fashioned road trip. Learn much more about exactly how to acquire to Vermont and plan your trip.

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Get approximately Vermont

windy transportation provides getting around Vermont easy once you’re here. Usage Vermont’s bus network to acquire around, or discover a journey to obtain where you should go.


Statewide events Calendar

Vermont events mean good times with friends and also family in the areas you love. As you plan, examine out what"s happening and also search for occasions statewide!


WHAT come DO and WHERE to STAY

Vermont is home to distinct lodging, world-class recreation, regional food, shopping, background and arts in beautiful surroundings. Arrangement your expedition with our directory.